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  • Should I include a fun facts section on my personal/professional website?

    I recently graduated college, and my mom thinks it is a good idea to add a hobbies section about myself. She said it would help employers remember me and seem like a person. She said I should include a video of a swim competition I won in high school, some of my amateur photography, and me playing a song on my guitar. Should I do it? My website is super professional, but not really personal. I think it might give it a personal touch. 

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  • What information should you know about a company before an interview?

    I have a big interview on Friday. It's my second interview with the company, and luckily the first time I wasn't asked a lot of question about the company. What should I know about a company before I interview? 

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  • Unemployment question?

    I started work again, but I'm not working nowhere near as many hours because of covid. I will I lose my unemployment?

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  • How should I email my portfolio? ?

    I’m a recent college grad who interviewed for a marketing coordinator position. the interview went great but they want me to email them my portfolio. I have everything digital, so should I put everything on a word doc and email it like that? 

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  • What should I teach my little brother in Kindergarten after subtracting double digit numbers?

    My little brother is pretty good at math and I'm not sure how to go about teaching him. He's in kindergarten and right now they are learning to subtract one. Because of the pandemic learning has been online and he has to do this google slides presentation every day. I was a swim instructor in college so I've been in charge of his education and teaching him because I've had the most experience with teaching. Right now his class is learning subtracting 1 from a given number so 4-1=.I taught him this about two weeks ago and he thinks it's so boring because he knows how to do it. He does math worksheets on it and practices his writing. He can already subtract and add double-digit numbers so what do I teach him next? My other siblings and I are so impressed with his math skills. When he does a worksheet correct we're always like "wow, you're so smart." We hype him up every chance we get. He has a lot of confidence in math and I think it's because of us hyping him up so much. I'm just not sure what the next step is. Is it multiplication? It seems a little too hard for a kindergartner. I tried for like a minute to teach him multiplication, but he didn't pick it up as fast as addition or subtraction so we kept doing subtraction for a while. I don't mind being patient and trying to teach him multiplication, but should we do negative numbers instead? We only do problems where the answer is positive so like 17-15=. Should we switch it up and it be 15-17=-2? Is this the next step?

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