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  •  Can't find a treatment for my depression?

    Hello im a 25 year old guy and to ger right to it i have tried medication for 9 and a half years for depresseion. Nothing really seems to work, i had to drop out of school, i can't keep a job and i have lost all intrests and hobbies. Just yesterday i underwent my 10:th and final ECT treatment. My doctor decided to not continue that treatment as there have clearly not been any improvements. ECT was the only glimpse of light in my life that i was looking forward to and now that it's gone if feel like im in a place that i can't even begin to describe. Things are looking bad and now i certainly understand why some people choose to take their lives. What can i do? Continue to try to find medication that work? It seems like a futile exercise since i've tried a bunch over the years. Thank you in advance.

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