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  • How do I find my new normal?

     My husband passed, last year and I was forced to move.  I sold the house, found me a place to live and my son helped me move.  At the beginning, of this year, I decided it was my year to help others and began volunteering in a few places....then COVID and a lock down hit.  I'm still able to go out and buy the food I need but the places I volunteered at.......are not open yet.  

    Before I met my husband, in 2008, I was still working and then retired.  We got married and did a lot of traveling.  Now, thankfully, I have enough for monthly expenses but not much more.  Some days - I just sit here and try to figure out how to move on.....I did go to Grief Share classes.  

    If I get out............then I tend to spend money I shouldn't.  I just don't know what my new normal is anymore.  I'm not depressed at all.....I just don't know which way to turn.  

    Before 2008, I worked and was always busy.  Now, there's only so much cleaning I can do, in a day, and no one to talk to but my house plants.

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