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  • Ever since we tought our dog how to walk on his back legs he has been beating me up. How do I get him to stop?

    The worst part is no one will believe me cause he only does it when no one is around. He will corner me in a room all walking on his hind legs acting all fake nice then hell just start hitting me.

    5 AnswersDogs3 years ago
  • Can someone provide a cogent reason to close ourselves off?

    even if we allowed immigration from every country there would be an astronomically higher chance of getting killed by an american born citizen. dont you want something more meaningful than countrywide bans? we screen people exhaustively - on an individual basis... thats why there have been little to no incidents of terror coming from the countries on the ban. There have been far more domestic terror cases.

    6 AnswersPolitics4 years ago
  • why are people making laptops so light?

    who buys a mac book air cause its so thin?? do you have spinal meningitis or something? is 3 lbs just too much for you? geez. making stuff flimsier just because the mac idiots cant keep their ideas and meaningless product reviews to themselves? i hate 'ultralight' it is a completely pointless and all too frequent characteristic that tells me my computer sacrificed durability for to look like an equally useless high fashion model

    2 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks7 years ago
  • How can I be cool? What am I missing?

    If i listen to country folk, i should be tough and hide my feelings. if i listen to frito lay it is not letting anything get in the way of my cheeeeeze. even if it isnt really cheeze. if i listen to myself i dont care. if i listen to all of you guys, youll know i asked.

    If I just act cool, ill be faking something important. Then what if I do dorky stuff like learn about the world i live in or feel good cause its amazing THATs not enough to feel good. It has to be a cool for me to like it and public places arent cool. The fewer people the better. the world is FULL of people. EVERYONE lives there, its so 4 billion years ago. Im only like one person on the inside but so should I be full of myself? Ok ok. now I know I have to be full of myself to get people to think im COOOOOL. no showing love, im a loner. No being lonely, i wouldnt want to be un-popular thats un-cool.

    What if i can only drive around our policed cities in comfort, speed, safety and MODERATE style? Ill look like most people and thatd DEfinitely be uncool. What if the cool people catch me scheming to enter their pyramid of coolness. To be as detatched and emotionless as possible untill im the lone king of cool and so mysterious that no one will even know who i really am.

    Then, when everyones eyes are upon me I can FINALLY tell everyone who I am and theyll think its so cool cause im sooo cool and well finally be soooooo coooooooool together.

    Or would that be uncool?

    What about combs? hair? hip movement? diamonds? gold? comfort? luxury? not trying? hair? shoes? fashion models opinions? being above everyone else? smoking? drugs? fighting (not out of anger of for love but because im a mystery)? what about having a cool back story like - HE used to be in an insane asylum, or he killed a man? Then Ill start rapping about how hard my life is and people will be like, oh man, his life is so hard. Look how cool he is, hes practically telling us!

    What about a career? what if i try too hard and spaz out and accidentially sing and make music? Will the documentary meet with everyones approval? Will perfectly lit and rehearsed pose where i stare away into the distance make people like how cool I am or should I show them a heavy, expensive pointlless hard to acquire object like a chain...yeah, no ones ever done that?

    Everyone will like me and ill finally be IN THA GAME, Ill have made it. Ill be happy.

    Dont ever give up on your dreams.

    wait **** - was that cool? hold on

    Dont let no man tell you what to do, not nobody, not even yourself...dont even do that.

    1 AnswerFashion & Accessories7 years ago
  • Why cant we vote online? Why is there no form of direct democracy yet?

    Um, we've had the technology for years.

    And trust me, there are tons of solutions to the security issue.

    If we voted on more laws and officials the government would be ours again.

    If you could vote on everything from the comfort of your living room and if voting was extended ...wouldn't you participate in our DEMOCRACY more?

    There would be sites specifically designed to inform you of upcoming votes as well as upcoming laws and petitions.

    And with the internet, it is much easier to check up on all that stuff.

    Yeah, there are lies on the internet but there are lie exposers too.

    No going to a library to research and no going to a polling place every time you need to vote. Wouldn't you do it all the time?

    Here is one of the 100s of solutions for the "security issue". Upload a webcam video of yourself confirming your vote for it to count. The video is sent to the govt (in case its needed to confirm) and any one of 100s of private companies who are willing to store the video incase you want to challenge it.

    4 AnswersGovernment7 years ago
  • Attn freelancers and vagabonds: I just realized my ability to work/make money fits in a backpack. advice?

    I want to drift around the country this winter (mainly to avoid the coldness)

    I dont have a car but I have always traveled well other ways. Like hitchhiking (though Id like to avoid it) and I can bike long distances (and I love it) I am really leaning on bicycling, train hopping and finding rides at hostels. My main advantage is that I dont really care where Im going as long as its cool. All I need is a power outlet and to be within Clear Wireless coverage.

    I want to travel the east coast and see everything there is to see, possibly stay at hostels most of the time. When I was in AK they were relatively cheap...but I noticed there are not as many in the east.

    Has anyone ever attempted something like this?

    I just need to stop 5 or 6 days a week for 8 hours in a city with coverage or somewhere with wi fi.

    My main concerns are housing (hostels are great, campsites are good if its by a cool natural attraction. And transportation...i have no prob biking but that means ill need a place generally every 50 miles, so there would prob be a lot of camping, but thats generally ok.

    Ill take any advice from anyone who has done this kind of thing or knows about it.

    1 AnswerPacking & Preparation7 years ago
  • Drugs, Im on em. How do I leave the window and find the door?

    The view is spectacular. Marijuana is like a freshly windexed window. The euphoria is a problem, but not the biggest. I have learned through hermitage, psychoactives and lots and lots of thought that the way to enlightenment, the shedding of our desires, for me at least, seems like it would be a long and difficult road. I know I can get that if I make it to the door. If the path to the door (which by the way is enlightenment) and I have looked out the window and figured out how wonderful it can be, how can I leave the window, walk to the door (shed my desires) with out suffering?

    6 AnswersPhilosophy7 years ago
  • For buddhists, Taoists and similar...What is the answer to the ox and window koan of Wuzu Fayan?

    “It is like an Ox that passes through a latticed window. Its head, horns, and four legs all pass through. So, why can’t its tail also pass through?”

    What is 'it" (the first it)?

    What does this mean, is it referring to complete enlightenment?

    Always baffled me, occasionally I understood, perhaps in different ways each time cause I couldnt hold on to the understanding, it was too much.

    3 AnswersReligion & Spirituality7 years ago
  • How do I detatch from desire, why does it seem so hard?

    Is there a way to do it little by little and see results every time thus furthering me?

    Ive never been a proponent of quitting cold I dont want to detatch from the cycle of desire and suffering because I hit rock bottom or because of an absolute extreme in general...

    Is that the only way?

    11 AnswersPhilosophy7 years ago
  • Do you ever feel like the world is pushing you away? Not looking for a specific answer, just lots of insight.?

    It feels weird when I join the flow and go with it. So that would be the just let go right?

    So when I let go, I have to let go of everything?

    I don't think the world accepts me in general. They want a blank slate. (Allow my generalization to mean just the people I meet typically...I know the world is a big place, but its hard, after so many of these experiences to think Im just unlucky.)

    Im always trying to open up to people but when it comes down to that "next step" I dont know what to do, I just sit there looking awkward...but so do they right?

    The few "go-getters" will say: well why dont we hang out sometime? or some people may hint: 'I like to visit this place or that place..."

    But the vast majority just sit there in silence, after a pleasant conversation and walk away. In a big city the chances are often great you'll never see them again. Are most people just as lonely as me?

    Now I have isolated myself so perfectly. I dont want to be alone, I dont want to have to be the same to not be. Ive been a leader all my life and now I am a hermit.

    I have already gone through these stages:

    I was out in front and leading without questioning myself - toddler age to the 5th or 6th grade.

    I allowed myself to become a selfish child. *Being out in front can fool a person into thinking they are the only one that matters I suppose...

    I was already on the road to exile by highschool, a back and forth between acting out and reactions because of it, with no clear start. But I guess I started it with that little mistake* (see above).

    I tried to fit in and my friends only liked me because I was an asshole. I was ok with it.

    Then I was sent to boarding school...great opportunity right? Not so, I was too immature to realize what I had.

    When I got back, I went back and forth between my previous personality and an even deeper and more isolated version.

    I started doing drugs. I started enjoying my amphetamine prescriptions and smoking weed, maybe a little acid here and there.

    The world moved on without me. And my friends, I was jealous of them for being close and sharing so many things. I wanted to take part in that. I blamed my absence .

    I began to get into Buddhism, as a practice and way of mind (not as a ritual). I began to face myself. (I guess at first, weed and LSD are very eyeopening) As a result I lost my edge, I fell down from the front. The friends who liked me because I was a funny jerk no longer got that from me and distanced themselves. Any friends that would have been left were on a positive track in life and I couldnt be a part of that either.

    I began abusing amphetamines and whatever I could get. I would lose myself in video games and my own world. I became a waste. I graduated when I was 24 or so, I finished an AS degree in graphic design and had great jobs right off the bat that i wasted. I got fired from every job I had. I did an average job, but I was still a socialites nightmare. I outcast myself I suppose.

    Now Im 30. I was alone for so long. I had my first gf since highschool and have been with her in the most rollercoaster relationship a horror author could devise.

    I suffered so much being in that relationship. I was learning to give and it was painful. I havent lost all my selfishness. The relationship has ended and restart so many times. Now it is completely over. I did try so hard but she couldnt let go. I can say I have never lost the ability to completely forgive people. I have always loved everyone around me by default (i know, doesnt fit) I always felt bad for hurting people. But it happened. I think the love was lost on people most of the time.

    Now its over and Im alone again.

    I should add that I began travelling the US. Mostly between AK and OH, but everywhere I travel I make quick friends and have great short term relationships and experiences. I began freelancing and now I can support myself independently and Im ready to just start drifting around and enjoying those helpful but quick and shallow relationships.

    I dont want to leave ONLY because I feel I owe my parents for so much heartache in the past.

    All of my old friends stuck together. I have few to no friends.

    I love myself and strangers, I am very open though I maintain myself...purified of so much of my original selfishness and self centeredness.

    From the beginning I felt like I was meant for something amazing, now i fear ill die in **** and squalor.

    My heart skips and flutters when I feel unloved or hurt now. It is bad.

    If I die, which I always feel like I am going to, (Im on xanax, I depend on it) I want you all to love me the next time around. I want you to see past that bs exterior that apparently only I have and include me. I dont WANT to die, but I dont want to be alone anymore.

    4 AnswersPsychology7 years ago
  • Asus a53z laptop powerlight on and mobo light but no intro screen/boot...why?

    It started when Id press down hard on the center of the KB and the screen would become distorted (pixels separating, like it was struck or someting) and it would freeze. I took the KB out and reseated what was there and now it doesnt do that...but when I close the lid and let it hibernate or sleep it freezes. Then after I power it down and wait and press the power button, the power light comes on and the light with the little light bulb icon is on but it stops and doesnt even load the start up "Asus" screen. It usually takes 2-5 tries to get it to come back on.

    Is this a dead match to a specific problem? If not, is there something I can do to find out why its happening short of sending it to a repair person?

    1 AnswerLaptops & Notebooks7 years ago
  • What is the real downside with processed sugar? Please cite sources.?

    Not much more to say. Im just tired of all the hype about what is "good" and what is "bad". There is no such thing, the body is much more complicated than that...I dont want a single study, or some website with an agenda, please people...

    3 AnswersVegetarian & Vegan7 years ago
  • In star trek TNGs opening sequence, what are all the white things the ship flies through?

    All the white little dots around the enterprise that stretch into lines when it goes into warp speed, what are they? they cant be stars, can they? explanations please

    2 AnswersOther - Television8 years ago
  • I am selling a website?

    It is PR2, 150 unique organic visitors a month 10 posts with original content articles posts and images. It is currently in a state of growth.

    how much could i get for it

    1 AnswerSearch Engine Optimization9 years ago
  • What would be the most pleasant end time scenario?

    Given, the idea of the world ending (human extinction namely) is a bit of a bummer to start with.

    What would be the best/least crappy (for humans) "end of the world"

    If your going the chaos and anarchy route, be more specific/creative + I dont think anyone other than psychopaths would be able to enjoy themselves.

    And no quick outs either, speed isnt a factor in and of itself. Also, it doesn't have to be super realistic, but it should be conceivable (for instance a 10 year cheeseburger meteor shower is out cause how the hell would cheeseburgers get in space? i mean you could make up a reason, but it would probably be too rediculous.) And please do include lots of backstory if applicable, or if its rediculous phenomena, make it believable how it came about.

    Partial extinctions ok, but try to kill everyone.

    mine is partial: a sudden radiation hits the planet from deep space, generally only affecting a very specifc part of human dna. Some are mutated to nothing or just fry while everyone else grows functional gills. The radiation simultaneously has made the atmosphere unable to support any kind of life (for more than an hour at first and then for as long as you can hold your breath) so out of those who made it, they have to escape into the nearest body/source of water. The mutation doesnt affect progeny, so having a baby would be very rare and even then, the baby would not have gills.

    For example, I live in southern Ohio so i would have to share a pond with thousands of people if i dont make it to the river. There would be swamp people, water tower hermits, river folk (transitional), ocean people (lucky), sewer people (ha ha)...there would be the goggle mafia who were able to snag/locate large amounts of goggles in the last second.

    Lets hear yours.

    3 AnswersPhilosophy9 years ago