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  • As a man at 5'7 or 170 cm with body fat of 9% what would my weight be?

    My goal is to reach 9 percent body fat currently 32%. I weight 236 pounds, what would my weight be if i reached my goal? 

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  • How do i fix my fried potato issue? How do i improve my cooking?

    I first peel my potatoes then boil them and when a knife can sink into it while still offering some resistance i stop cooking them. I then cut the potatoes into pieces ( when they have cooled off slightly and can hold them as i cut through the potato) that are not to thick and will fry both sides without issue. I season them with Salt and pepper and paprika. Place them on Olive oil and fry both sides until they are brown on both sides. When i taste them , they have no taste but are cooked thoroughly.

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  • Can you get sued for using a name from a franchise for your franchise?

    So if i want to use Fergus Roderick MacLeod name in my Novel can i? So if i wanted to name my character Fergus Hisal for example just using the first name of a character in another series but i wanted to also used the characters nickname can i? For example if Fergus Roderick MacLeod nickname in Supernatural was Infernus (Its not in series). Could i name my Character Fergus Hisal and have my characters call him Infernus. Keep in mind that My character other than having the name was an entirely different species, looked nothing like the mentioned character, and aside from the nickname had no way to linking the two characters.

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