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  • dating a 39 year-old woman with 20?


    I am 20 years-old and my girlfriend is going to be 40.

    my parents know nothing about it because I know that they'd never accept it and only want my best (which this is not, in their opinion)

    Is it weird to have a 40 year-old girlfriend? she's Italian and I am Kurdish, that might be another con for our relationship due to cultural connection, which is important for my family.

    She also lives in Italy and I live in Germany, she visited me like 3 times and we rent an apartment and stood together for days. (of course i had to sneek out of the house and had to have an alibi)

    Her mom knows me but she told her mom that i am 30ish.

    What is your sincere opinion? Should I talk to her and quit?

    I love her and she loves me but this circumstances are so hard. 

    also my brother found out about her (he found condoms in my pocket and I admitted)

    according to him , "she lived her life and looks for young meat to f**k" ,which I think is not the case, but maybe I am naive.

    He told me to break up and thinks that we broke up. he didn't tell my parents but he was kind of disappointed that I lied to my familiy.

    what do you think?

    and honest opinions please.

    best regards,


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