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  • So ill all the time help !! ?

    So for past few months I've found I barely have any energy to get through the day. Mentally I have been finding it hard to get this done. Although mentally in my mind I want to get projects done to the house but am faced with overwhelm and physically feel unable to carry out the task. I think I have depression which is a contributer but it doesnt explain that I feel so overwhelmingly tired. I have an 11 month old son and work 39 hours in 3 days every week, but feel it isn't that. I physically ache, have sore head, feel very groggy and my appetite is just out the window. In morning I'm not one bit hungry but by about 3pm I am dying for sugar, crisps and takeaway food. I am a bit overweight since my son and have asthma. Need help please. Does it sound like maybe something else, low iron, thyroid even? Want to go to my doctor with some idea in mind anyway as I'm bad at explaining things 

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    Veins, Stretchmarks? ?

    Hi so I had a baby 8 months ago. When he was born I noticed a little red/purple pattern on my inner thigh. Thought it was veins. Had a forceps delivery. Another has appeared on other thigh and getting significantly worse. Do they look like veins or stretchmarks? I didn't get any stretchmarks on stomach so dont know what they look like exactly 

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  • How to lose baby weight ? ?

    So I'm 8 months postpartum. I only gained a stone during pregnancy but due to implant I gained a lot of weight, I got this removed in August and my periods went crazy and finding it hard to lose weight. My son is quite high needs, teething bad. Would love some help with getting my meals in. Also healthy and quick. Dont mind using freezer. My partner is at home and I'm heading back to work 3 days a week in December doing long days so would need to prep for work also. I'm 12 stone and 5ft6 help ? 

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  • Landlord sending parcels to my address? ?

    So Landlord lives in Australia. I live in Ireland and rent out house from letting agents on his behalf. The house isnt great and quite expensive. We are on periodic tenancy now and I'm hoping to buy a house soon through co ownership so not intending to do another year. Only thing is LL asking LA for us to send his mail to their office also to send a parcel. I sent that back BTW thought it was for me. I feel so angry he can't just redirect. I mean mail delivering in bulk to LA is okish but I mean I'm not paid to do that but a bloody parcel ? What do I do? Since periodic don't want to anger him but also want to stop this parcel business ? 

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  • Could someone make me a super tight budget shopping list and menu ?

    I need to save money as I have a wedding next month and also my partner and my 5 year anniversary. Could someone please help me with a menu and shopping list for the month ? I would pref like to spend no more than £70 for 2 of us. Don't mind vegetarian.

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  • Keep smelling raw meat and feel sick !?

    Hi when I was pregnant last year and made Christmas dinner I was somehow convinced my Christmas dinner was raw and thought it smelled like raw meat. My boyfriend and brother said it was lovely and well cooked. Fast forward I have a 5 month old and I sometimes smell random raw meat smells. It makes me feel so sick. I don't know if I'm imagining it or what. Any ideas what this could be ?

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  • Need help ! Postpartum Anxiety, Depression and OCD!?

    So I had my little boy 3 months ago. He's wonderful. Ive been suffering with bad anxiety , it's getting so bad. I have gotten to the point where I have blocked people on my phone. Like I blocked some baby group thing I decided I didn't want to attend, I blocked people who were asking me to meet them to give presents and clothes for baby. I feel bad as they are being very kind but I feel afraid to talk on the phone and also they aren't people I know well and I'm afraid I'll not know what to talk about with them. I need to apply for housing but I'm afraid to go in. I'm also afraid to apply for my child benefit. I just hate going back in that jobcentre. I'm also putting off ringing my job regarding going permanent if possible. I'm fixed term, extended. I didn't get my bloods done at doctors and missed an appointment as I was afraid I'd get told off by doc about missing bloods. I have built up so much fear I can't do anything and move on with my life. I also have started becoming obsessed with cleaning and tidying and afraid my baby will die of cot death, I time his breathing all the time. I worry he has sepsis and worried health visitor will call SS and he will get taken away. What can j do ? I'm afraid to go to doctor again now as well !

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  • How to raise our baby in mixed relationship ?

    My bf is a non practicing Catholic and I'm a Protestant, I do have beliefs in my church but dont attend, I believe in prayer and a personal relationship with God. We aren't married yet but have a 3 month old son. He has a cousin one month older on his dads side and will have a cousin 8 months younger. They both are Catholics, one has had a baptism and the other will no doubt. I kind of wanted to leave option open for my son and teach him both religions, but his cousins will likely go to a Catholic school, in this case he would need to be baptised catholic. I dont want him to be left out of picking the same school as his cousins and creating an obvious difference, but I dont believe in baptism personally and this does not give the option of learning about both religions but not having to choose as a young child. Anyway I guess what would you suggest ? I want him to be a part of his catholic family, traditions etc but it would be a lie on my behalf to baptise him purely for the sake of it. I've noticed my partners family do this and aren't even religious, its more for the tradition I guess but I just feel that is wrong. If we get married we getting married outside with a registrar so no issues there.

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  • If I don't get on with my Dad should I try and fix things or just cut him out of my life?

    So basically I have one parent left. My Mum died last year. I have never really had the best relationship with my Dad, mainly because I think he might have Asperger's Syndrome and is very particular and I don't understand him. He gets annoyed very easily and does not understand why I am upset about certain things. My parents had been divorced for years before she died and his name was on the house that I have been living in for years. Long story short he is selling the house. I don't think I could ever speak to him again if he does go through with it. The house means so much to me and they agreed years ago to leave it to my brother and I. Not sure if my mum left a will not sure if they changed it to tenants in common, but chances are I don't have any sort of say in it and cant stop him from selling. But I am facing harassment from landlord about current place I'm in and need somewhere to go. My mum thought when she passed away we had a roof over our heads but now I don't. I feel resentment towards my Dad, we argue all the time, he blames me for everything and turned all my mums side of the family against me. He conned them out of some of my mums money and he wont do up the house with it, hes just going to keep it. What do I do? I also have a rocky relationship with my uncle now who is keeping my mums inheritance and in cahoots with my dad. advice please

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  • Can I end a lease due to harassment by letting agent and landlord? Contract?

    I am actually becoming physically unwell due to my living situation. My letting agent did not tell my landlord we had a dog (she knew though) and he came round unannounced and served us notice after two weeks in the property. We did not get any information about our deposit, we moved in four days later than we were supposed to due to him painting and he also came in disguised his true identity and pretended to be a workman. We found out it was him later on when he showed up unannounced to serve notice. The letting agents viewed the property every week after till we were supposed to leave but said it was immaculate. When we were supposed to leave the agent threatened us saying that they were going to ring the police and change the locks. I had to ring environmental health. Landlord changed his mind. He receives rent all up to date but he wants agent to inspect and she verbally told us she coming round at 3pm tomoro but I am ill! What can I do? I want out of here but we have a contract!

    4 AnswersRenting & Real Estate4 years ago