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  • How can I clean out my colon? ?

    Since I was a child I’ve always had constipation problems and fecal impactions. For the past 2 weeks it’s been very hard to pass my stool so I’ve been taking enemas. I used to take Miralax and it worked for a few months but now it doesn’t work at all. After the enemas though, I notice I still have some stool left behind and it seems pretty hard so I know the next time I use the bathroom I’ll have to use the enema again. When I sue the enema it usually takes out a big portion. I can’t use the bathroom and don’t have the urge until about 4 days later. Is there any way I can clean out my colon and get all the stool out without an enema?  

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  • Can I use miralax after an enema?

    For the past 2 weeks I’ve been having trouble passing stool and all I’ve been taking are enemas every 4 days. After the enema, I notice I have more stool still stuck in my colon and it feels hard and I know it’s going to be hard to pass the next time I have to use the bathroom. Am I able to take a laxitive right after I took the enema to help the stool soften that the enema didn’t take out? I’ve always dealt with chronic constipation since I was a child and suddenly I’m not able to use the bathroom anymore because of how impacted my colon is. 

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  • HELP on some bread?

    Okay so I’m a LITTLE slow, I’ve just recently been hired for a job. So I make sandwhiches  and when I’m making them, on the order screen people ask for 1 1/2 bread and sometimes 1 whole. The breads are like 4inches and there’s 2 stacked on eachother. Can someone tell me what 1 1/2 bread is? Like just 2 breads? OR

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    Do any of you know if subs can give you an exam password? My teacher is currently on break and there s a sub can she give me the exam password ?

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