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    how do i pwt my dog properly ?

    my dog is named clarence and he is a 9 year old dog im not sure which bread but he is maybe a dachsund or a shepard i cannot tell. he likes it when i scratch the tip of his tail i can tell because he smiles and grins with his teeth it is very sweet. he also likes it when i massage his foot but is this unsafe? my wife told me it is not healthy to touch a dog foot and to stay away. he likes it though so i am not sure. this is a big dilemma for me and i would apreciate any help here is a picture of him I made using my phone i like it 

    2 AnswersDogs3 months ago
  • can you eat expired meat?

    say you do not have the money to go and buy more meat but your son works in a pig farm and gives you ham burgers a lot. what if he gives you the ham burgers but you wait 2 weeks to eat them and they get expired. is it ok to eat if you cook it. will the food and mold just be like a side dish of vegetables or is it bad even if you cook it 

    6 AnswersOther - Food & Drink9 months ago
  • i believe god should be voted president 2020 who agress with me?

    i do not believe a republican or democrat should be voted but god himself in 2020 for us president. he would solve world hunger and problems such as the increase in mental instability in our youth as well as older people because of depression and government chemicals that change our brains 

    4 AnswersPolitics9 months ago