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Robert M

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YEARS of expertise with ENGINE updating repair REBUILDING and same for BRAKES and TRANSMISSIONS from most car companies! My FOCUS in on EURO and EUROPEAN BASED CARS like most FORD cars are NOW! I have DE-sludged more than ONE HUNDRED ENGIINES and I know EXACTLY what I want an engine to DO and how to get FUEL SAVINGS and EXTRA POWER from it! I have nearly 80,000 POINTS because I KNOW MORE About CARS and CAR ECOOMIZING than many TECHNICIANS and even REAL engines do! Have done GROUND UP mechanical restorations on MOST EURO brands ane many JAPANESE brands LEARNED ABOUT CARS from my OLD BOSS 302 MUSTANG, A REAL AMERICAN MUSCLE CAR! GROUND UP restorations on BMW's AUDI's BENZES and PORSCHES back into the SEVENTIES!