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  • How do I start an investigation on my YA account?

    I was close to 2960 point last night. This will be my 4th question in total. As of this posting I'm down to 2265. That's a big hit in less than 12 hours.

    I did check my email and haven't received any notifications. I do know notifications are hit miss. Can YA have a glitch subtracting for answering? It still wouldn't expllan a 700 point discrepancy.

    How do I start an investigation?


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  • What are your 4 favorite books? Something you read that had an impact your life.?

    In no particular order mine are:

    The Art of Expressing the Human Body

    Tao of Jeet Kun Do / both by Bruce Lee

    MARINE autobiography of GSgt Carlos Hathcock

    Book Of Secrets by OSHA

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  • Why was the meme reported?

    I answered a question "I m a big Mexican male. I m going to build a 51 foot ladder..." with a meme of a long distance shooter and his dog spotting. The dog said "Yeah, that s the one who stole my bone. Take him out.". In my community it s about the dog and his bone. I said "My dog and I will be waiting.".

    This person that wrote the question said he was going to illegally enter the country and take women. I said nothing about that. Did the person that reported it think the question asker was goiing to be stealing dog bones too?

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