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  • Do you really think that anyone believes intelligent life is an accident?

    That is not the argument that evolutionary biologists make. Evolution occurs not by accident, but by means of natural selection. 3 things are necessary for natural selection to occur:

    Traits are heritable. (parents pass on their own genes to their kids)

    Variation occurs. (sometimes offspring can have traits or slight changes to traits that neither parent had)

    Limitted resources. (Not all offspring grow up to reproduce)

    Those three necessary conditions for natural selection are met by life. They were met by pre-life protocells on earth that lead to life as well.

    Religious folk keep telling me I think all this was random, or an accident, because I believe in evolution. However, that's not what I believe, and it's not what the scientific community believes. None of this was accidental, it was inevitable.

    Saying "I don't believe in evolution" is a complete joke if you haven't read the orgin of species. You don't know what evolution is, nor do you understand the mechanisms by which it occurs. All the high school science classes you have taken, pop science articles you have read, and shows on NatGeo do not give you anything close to the full understanding you get get by reading a book.

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