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  • How to convince my parents to let me drop AP Calculus AB?

    I am a Senior in school who is doing well in all classes except for AP Calculus AB. I am passing Calculus, but have a C in that class, while the rest of my grades are mostly A s with one B+. Calculus is the only AP class I m taking this year and told my parents that Calculus is stressing me out and is a little too much for me right now, but they were saying that taking that class would help me a lot in the long run and prepare me for college. Since I m a Senior in high school, I feel that I need to relax some, as the rest of my classes are pretty easy other than Calculus. My parents, Calculus teacher, and counselor know that I m trying and understand that it s a challenging class. My Calculus teacher and counselor are ready to let me drop that class, but my parents are iffy on that choice. Please tell me know I could convince my parents to let me drop AP Calculus AB. Any advice would be appreciated!! Thanks!!

  • Why don't some people wear winter clothes in the freezing cold weather, despite being aware of the consequences?

    When it's as cold as 25 degrees outside, I've seen people wearing nothing more than a hoodie, short sleeve t-shirt and shorts, despite being aware that they could get frostbite and feeling cold. I think it's probably because either they don't have enough warm clothes or they just don't like to, but I was wondering. When it's 50 degrees it makes more sense, as 50 isn't that cold and people, esp from Northern climates and with thick skin don't feel cold easily, but why at 25?

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  • Do alligators eat coyotes?

    I know that alligators are able to eat pretty much anything that they find, but I was wondering if they typically eat coyotes.

    13 AnswersZoology1 year ago
  • Can alligators get into vehicles with people in them?

    I mean in Florida and the Southeastern U.S., when people have their windows open or delivery trucks, which have their doors open.

    2 AnswersZoology1 year ago
  • Is it better to drive or fly from San Francisco to Seattle?

    I am planning on going on a trip around the United States sometime, and was wondering if it was better to drive or fly from San Francisco to Seattle. It normally takes 12-14 to drive vs around 2 hours flying. Based on the distance, I would fly unless there was something I really wanted to see along the way, and there is some cool scenery along the coast, but I would rather see that on a train rather than by driving because it would be so long. Please tell me what you think is best.

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  • On a job application, should I put the date of when I will graduate high school or just put no, if I haven't graduated yet, but will soon?

    I was applying for a job at Abercrombie and Fitch, and it asked me about my education background, and if I graduated high school, and I'm graduating high school next year. Should I just put the date of when I will graduate if know, or just put no. There is no option which says still in high school or yet to graduate.

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  • What does "I'm sorry." mean in this scenario?

    Once, I was at a friend's house, and my friend's sister did something wrong while I was there, so their grandma told her "Shame on you!" and right after that she told me "I'm sorry." and said my name. I know that it probably means that either she startled me or she wanted to let me know that she wasn't talking to me when she said "Shame on you!", but I want to really know what she meant.

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  • Does anyone know which restaurant this is?

    I remember a restaurant that I was at a long time ago in the small town of Chama, New Mexico for breakfast. I remember that it was near the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad Station. Could someone please help me. Thanks!!:)

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  • Would you consider 40 degrees Fahrenheit cold?

    I personally would say it's chilly enough for a jacket, but I wouldn't say it's that cold, because where I live we have several days in the 40s in winter, and I have worn shorts and a short sleeve t-shirt with a jacket while going outside in this temperature.

    5 AnswersWeather2 years ago
  • Would you consider 50 degrees cold?

    I personally would consider 50 degrees on the verge between mild and chilly. At this temperature I would have a jacket on if it's windy and would be okay with wearing shorts, as I have many times before. However if the high temperature is 50 degrees, and I'm going to be out in the morning, I wear pants and a t-shirt(short sleeve or long sleeve), with a jacket if it's windy.

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  • What does "Money doesn't grow on trees." mean in this scenario?

    Once, a few years I was asking my dad about vacation in the summer, and told him that there are some places that I really want to go to. He told me that we will look at the prices for each of the places, and that we will go to one that we could afford. I asked my dad why we are doing that, and he said that "Money doesn't grow on trees."

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  • Remember the Simpsons episode called "Marge Not Be Proud" when Bart takes a video game from a store. Why is this episode called that?

    I think this episode is called that because Bart does something in this episode that doesn't make Marge proud.

    1 AnswerComedy2 years ago
  • What does productive mean in this scenario? I know what productive means in general, and I think it means something else.?

    "Arguments in general are not productive, making most arguments "not smart"."-A Yahoo User on one of my questions.

    4 AnswersWords & Wordplay2 years ago
  • Why isn't a person who argues considered smart in this scenario, although lawyers always argue, and they are pretty smart?

    Once, I saw a boy arguing with his father at a store, and the boy said "I'm smart. Don't you know?", and his father said that "A person who argues isn't considered smart."

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  • Java Coding Help. Thanks!!?

    I put this code into a Java Compiler and it gave me an error. I want to know how to fix the error.


    import static java.lang.System.;

    public class StarsAndStripes


    public StarsAndStripes()





    public void printTwentyStars()



    public void printTwentyDashes()



    public void printTwoBlankLines()



    public void printASmallBox()



    public void printABigBox()




    The error given was: error: <identifier> expected

    import static java.lang.System.;


    1 error

    1 AnswerProgramming & Design2 years ago
  • How are flights to foreign countries from some international airports announced in different languages, is it translated or spoken itself?

    In some international airports, such as London Heathrow, flights to countries that speak other languages, are said once in English, the official language of the UK, and then once in another language if that country speaks a different language. Is it recorded and translated or spoken by the person itself. Also, its done right after its said in English.

    3 AnswersAir Travel2 years ago
  • Can anyone remember which TV Show this is?

    I remember that the opening sequence of this tv show featured a bird or paper airplane flying through a large white open space with a lot of things in its view. I'm pretty sure this show was from the 80s or the 90s.

    2 AnswersComedy2 years ago
  • Do I have diabetes?

    For the past few weeks, I have been feeling hungry and thirsty, even after eating and drinking water. Also, I have been experiencing numb lips, tingling in my hands, and hot feet sometimes. If not why is this?

    6 AnswersDiabetes2 years ago
  • What is the meaning of this answer for the question "Is a 6 hour flight considered a long haul flight?"?

    The answer is :

    Not by my standards.

    Perhaps you should fly into one city, followed by a 2 hour delay before a 13 hour flight, and because

    of the initial delay missing your subsequent connection and having to wait 4 hours for the next flight

    and then drive for 3 hours in darkness on roads you've never been on before. You'll think differently!

    2 AnswersWords & Wordplay2 years ago
  • Is 44th percentile of my high school class good?

    I got my class rank a few weeks ago for the first semester of my Junior year, and saw that I'm in the 44th percentile, and noticed that my rank has went down and this is the lowest I've ever been. This is my first time being lower than the 30 range for percentile. My parents aren't happy about it, because more than 40 percent of students in my grade are above me, and they know that I'm really smart. The reason for the rank drop is because I took some challenging classes this year, such as Pre-Cal and Physics, and those two classes gave me a lot of trouble in the 1st semester, and I made grades lower than I normally get.

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