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  • I need a guy's opinion on my car?

    I have a 2006 Scion TC with about 115,000 miles. Brand new tires. Brand new windshield and fairly clean interior. It also has air conditioning, heating, cruise control, power windows, CD player, AM/FM radio, rear spoiler, etc. I am still paying it off but only owe $1,800 left on my loan. However, the engine has a knock in it. I've gotten about 3 different estimates and all of them were between $2,500 - $4,000 to fix. My question is would it be worth it to fix? I plan on selling it either on Craigslist or to a dealership so I can get a small 4cylinder pick up truck. My options are:

    Sell it as is on Craigslist but for ?? Whatever it's worth.

    Take it to a dealership and have them pay off my loan and get a small pick up from them.

    Or fix the problem and sell it on Craigslist and use that money to put down on a pick up.

    What should I do??

    4 AnswersBuying & Selling5 years ago
  • Help with college classes?

    In order to get into a Dental Hygiene program in CA I have to take anatomy, physics, microbiology, and organic chemistry. I am seriously scared to take these classes because I suck at science. I love learning about it but I suck at it. Last semester I tried taking Anatomy with speech and English and it was just too much so I dropped it. I am a little discouraged now if I should even try to get into hygiene school because I don't want to waste my time if I can't pass these classes. What should I do? Just give it my all and take them one at a time. Ive finished all my other pre-reqs to get into hygiene. Maybe get a tutor? ANY INFO HELPS :)

  • Associates degree VS. Bachelor's degree?

    So I am trying to get a degree in Business management and am curious if it would be worth it to go further and get my Bachelor's degree? I want to one day become a manager of a dental office. I have a year of dental assisting experience and my X-Ray license so I was curious if getting a better degree would help my chances? Also does it effect my pay if I have an associates vs a bachelors?

  • How to become a manager?

    I am very interested in becoming a manager of a Dental Office. I went to school and got my dental assistant certificate and X-Ray license and worked as an assistant for about a year. I then decided to go to school for business/management and am curious if managing a dental office is a good career?

    I also do personal training on the side so essentially i would have two incomes.

    1 AnswerDental5 years ago
  • A few questions about fitness.?

    1) If someone were 50+ pounds over weight should they focus on cardio until some of that weight is gone or can they just start lifting weights?

    2) Is it best to rotate exercises? Like have leg day, arm day, etc.

    3) Should you count your macros if you're over weight or just start off eating healthier and once you get to a certain weight than you can count macros?

    4 AnswersDiet & Fitness5 years ago
  • Can I fight a tint ticket?

    So I was pulled over in SoCal a few months back for tinted windows. The officer gave me a fix it ticket and I called to post-pone it twice due to school/finals. I called a few days ago (before my deadline) to set a court date. Long story short - the officer didn t use a tint meter, he had sunglasses on, and he wrote a some wrong informatino on my ticket. I then received a notice in the mail and my name was spelled wrong... So do I have a chance of winning this in court? To be honest my windows aren t even that dark, I got pulled over a few weeks ago and the officer didn t say anything about how dark my windows were..

    3 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police5 years ago
  • Cosmetology Information?

    I am curious about the Cosmetology course at my local college but I had a couple questions before I even look into it.

    Is it worth it being a hair stylist/make up artist?

    Do you make good money?

    Do you get to schedule your own hours and days?

    Any other advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

    1 AnswerHair6 years ago
  • I have a couple questions about nursing school and what to do after graduating nursing school?

    I am trying to finish my general education and my associates degree so I can apply to my local colleges nursing program. I had a couple questions so feel free to answer as many as you can. Thanks!

    - I am interested in neonatal nursing, would I have to take other classes as well or once I graduate can I apply for a neonatal position?

    - How long does it take to get your BSN?

    - Can I apply to any nursing position once I graduate nursing school?

    1 AnswerHealth Care6 years ago
  • Pros and Cons of being an RN?

    I am really thinking of taking the nursing program offered at my local college. Any information on why or why I shouldn't become an RN? I live in California.

    2 AnswersHealth Care6 years ago
  • What's it like being an RN working in a state prison? (California)?

    I am thinking of applying for the nursing program at my school and am very interested in becoming an RN and working in a state prison. I am looking for some information on pay, hours, benefits, etc. Thanks!

    1 AnswerHealth Care6 years ago
  • Dental hygiene vs. Nursing?

    I am currently taking my prerequisites for dental hygiene but am now considering going into nursing. I am curious if anyone can tell me which they prefer and why? I am already a dental assistant and hated working under the dentist but as a hygienist I would work along side of the dentist and kind of do my own thing. I guess I want to know salary, hours, where you can work, school, and other information on nursing vs hygiene.


    3 AnswersDental6 years ago
  • Legalizing marijuana pros and cons?

    I am doing a project for my college speech class and one of our topics is if marijuana should be legalized? I am trying to get a list of pros and cons (other than the list I already made). Please be polite, this is for school. Thanks!

    4 AnswersLaw & Ethics6 years ago
  • Fix it ticket but i moved out of state?

    I got a fix it ticket for the tint on my car. I received the ticket in California this week but am moving to Oregon this weekend. Would the ticket be dismissed or do I still have to drive all the way back to southern cali and go to court?

    6 AnswersLaw & Ethics6 years ago
  • I got a ticket for my tint on my car windows?! California?

    Today I got pulled over for having my two front windows tinted too dark. I have had the car for about 3 years, bought the car with the windows tinted and have been pulled over for speeding and other things but never once was told my windows was too dark. the officer didn t even check the percentage of the tint he just wrote me a ticket. Can I fight this? What happens if I don t fix it?

    5 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police6 years ago
  • My hair is super dry and brittle.?

    I am a Dental Assistant and I have to wear my hair in a bun 5 days out of the week! My hair is super long (below my waist) and I can't wear it in a braid because it's still considered too long for the office I work in. I've noticed my hair is starting to get super dry and feels like really brittle where my bun is. Is there anything I can put on my hair? I try and wash it every other day. Is wearing my hair up all the time hurting it?

    1 AnswerHair6 years ago
  • Should I lift weights to lose weight or do cardio and weight lifting?

    21 year old female, 5 feet 1 inch, and 160 pounds. I recently started working out and was told to not do cardio and focus on lifting weights. I hear this quite often but i'm just concerned I wont burn fat as fast. Is this true? I wan't to lose about 40 pounds and tone my muscles so should I do cardio and weight lifting? Thanks!

    15 AnswersDiet & Fitness6 years ago
  • Nursing or Dental Hygiene?

    I live in CA. What kind of nurses are there? (I know that's a stupid question) I am already a dental assistant so I know the dental field pretty well and how long school would take and how much they make but any info is helpful! How much do nurses make in CA? How long does school take? I'm not really good with blood so I don't know haha.

    2 AnswersHealth Care6 years ago
  • After turning in all paperwork for FAFSA what do i do next?

    Will i get an email stating is i was approved and how much i could get or do i have to call them and turn in more paperwork?

    5 AnswersFinancial Aid6 years ago
  • Can i sue my college for Financial Aid?

    I have been turning in paperwork since June of 2014. They take about 3 weeks to review my paperwork so I've been checking every day online the status of my Financial Aid.I recently turned in my High School diploma and they rejected it, so i went to my college campus and took the GED and passed. I waited to receive my GED in the mail and physically handed it into my Financial Aid office. They then denied that... I want to know why i am being denied all these documents when they are legitimate. It said it was returned to me but i never received a phone call or a document in the mail...

    3 AnswersLaw & Ethics6 years ago
  • My cat ran away! Will she come back?

    I recently moved back to my home town and let my 2 cats outside after keeping them inside for 3 weeks. They both came back at night and early mornings to be fed but about a week after letting them outside one didn't come back. Do you know any tips or tricks to get her back home? I heard sprinkling her old cat litter around the property helps. I put up flyers already and drove back to my old house to check. Any tips helps!

    1 AnswerCats6 years ago