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SWM, born 1953, Reform Jewish agnostic, nonsmoker, nondrinker, lives near Chicago. I was a computer programmer for 25 years. Currently, I spend almost all my time watching TV. Unfortunately, there is not enough time to watch everything I record, but I keep recording more. I usually take a break to go out for dinner, usually fast food. And once a year I take a bigger break to take a trip. When I go to see a city, I generally don’t go to museums or anything else most tourists do. I literally see the city, driving up and down the main streets. I map it all out on MS Streets & Trips first. I’ve only done this since 2002 when I lost my job. Prior to that, I spread out most of my vacation by taking one day per week in the fall to try to keep up with the new TV season. I keep track of my tapes using MS Access. My backlog has been steadily increasing so it looks like I will never catch up. I also do some bike riding in the summer but it seems like I do less and less each year.

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