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  • How can I dress and act like a modern valley girl?

    I would like to know how to dress and wear my makeup like a modern valley girl?  How would I go about acting and talking like a modern a valley girl?

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  • What do you think of the following outfit for a female?

    Earrings (golden hoop)

    Ornate golden cross

    Black bomber leather jacket that ends neatly at the waistline.

    Tight, form-fitting tank belly shirt that openly reveals the midriff

    Pair of tight leather pants.

    Biker style boots that ended just before the knee and high on the shin with toes of the boots capped with sturdy metal tips

    Black eye shadow

    Black eyeliner

    Red lipstick

    Short fingerless gloves

  • How would I dress like Kenzi from Lost Girl?

    I am a huge fan of Kenzi from Lost Girl and was wondering what I should wear to dress like her.  Also, how would you wear makeup like Kenzi wears in the show Lost girl?

  • I need help with a character I am working on.?

    What can I do to make the following description sound better? Also, how can I go about describing how a male half human/half snake creature with six arms sees the character when he finds the character in the description attractive.

    A tall female creature that is two feet taller than that of a normal human female slithers in. You notice from the waist up she is an unclad winged female with six arms. Flaring from her back are a pair of large black dragon like wings. The joints of the wings are laced with razor-like claws and adorned with jewelry. Her face has a forehead and jaw line that is narrow with regal well-defined, cheekbones. In both pointed ears that poke through her light red hair that flows down to just below her waist, she wears a circular golden earring. Her light red brows that point upwards at an angle, curve downward three-fourths of the way lead to her dainty nose with an upward tilt to it and thick lashes that bat sweetly over her penetrating emerald green eyes. Her full luscious lips that are painted red deceives her authority. Her breasts are of large size with both nipples having a small circular gold piercing. An emerald navel ring pierced her navel. Each one of her six arms holds a wicked scimitar if it were an extension of her body. On each arm, she wears an exquisite bracelet. Her fingers are long and slender. From the waist down you notice she has the body of a twenty-six feet long constrictor with gorgeous emerald green scales.

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