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I'm a Christian, a vegetarian, and I fancy myself as an author. My favorite poems are "The Rainy Day" and "The Raven". I'm a big fan of comics, the movie Ratatouille, Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog, the Simpsons, Danny Phantom, Wordgirl, and Kim Possible. If you can't tell (although I hope it's obvious), my name is a vegetarian play on Bart Simpson's famous catchphrase "Don't have a cow, man!"

  • Honda car won't recognize an android phone through USB. Can any app help?

    My new-used 2012 Honda Fit won't recognize an android phone through USB. From what I can tell, it's because androids use a different file organization system than iPhones/iPods.

    The car does NOT have Bluetooth. I know aux cord is an option but I want the phone to connect to the volume and channel buttons on the steering wheel.

    I've already tried to debug USB through developer options on my phone. It doesn't help.

    Is there any app I can download to fix this? Or is there any other way to make the phone usable when I'm in the car?

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  • Please help! What is this heart problem (details inside)?

    Every once in a while my heart will start to beat really intensely. The pulse is a little higher than normal but not too high, but it's weird. It's like all of a sudden I can feel my heart beating way harder than normal.

    I can breathe okay but it feels like I'm choking, if that makes any sense?

    I get dizzy and have to sit down until it goes away, which usually takes 20 minutes or so.

    A similar heart problem runs in my family (my mom and sister both have it) where their pulse gets dangerously high, but that's not what happens to me exactly.

    I'd think it's a panic attack or something psychological like that, but I'm not usually emotional or scared at the time (other than suddenly being scared of the feeling in my chest of course).

    I don't take drugs or drink often. This doesn't happen more often when I've had caffeine. (In fact, it just happened after I'd been sleeping for 9 hours, and I hadn't had caffeine before that.)

    I can't think of any disease or problem I've heard of that would fit this. I told my doctor and she didn't really answer.

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  • Brand name of vintage bunny plush?

    Does anyone recognize the bunny here?:

    It was won from a claw machine 18 years ago; that's all the information I have on it.

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  • Least cruel affordable cat food?

    I'm planning to be a first-time cat owner in the summer via adoption of an adult cat. Of course I'd start out feeding the cat whatever the shelter fed him/her, but I figured I could ease them into whatever brand I preferred to buy--or try at least, since I hear they're picky eaters.

    Thing is, I'm a vegetarian for moral reasons. I had high hopes for extending that diet to my future pets, and there ARE vegetarian pet foods out there--but after a little research it seems like a bad option. I didn't see any solid studies on those foods, and I saw claims ranging from 'this will kill your cat' to 'this food will save your cat's life.' Pff...

    At any rate, I wanted to be able to find the best food option for the cat that would be healthy and well-documented to not, you know, be poison... but still minimize any animal cruelty that'd be involved in the process. I'm sure there are expensive options out there but I'm a college student, haha.

    From what I've read so far, wet/canned food is the best option, and I should screen the ingredients for unspecified 'meat products'. Do you cat owners have any other advice? Brands, types of food?

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  • Psych drug help please?

    I take Zoloft (200mg/evening) and Wellbutrin (300 mg/morning) for depression but I've missed a crapload of doses due to a screwed up schedule and the containers being buried in luggage. I was more or less fine but all of a sudden I seem to have crashed. Keep bursting out into tears at random intervals. Highly anxious, extremely tired, some trouble sleeping. A bunch of tiny things are making me really, really sad, and I'm not sure if it's even irrational or not.

    At my girlfriend's insistence I just dug out my Zoloft and took the evening dose.

    Anyway, any advice or anything? Help? How long will it take for this crap to kick in again? I did remember to take the Wellbutrin once every other day ish.

    Also please be gentle in your wording of answers. Apparently I'm getting set off at even the little crap today.

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  • No Kill cat shelters in Orlando, other adoption questions?

    Heyo! I'm an 18 year old college student, female, moving into an apartment with a friend of mine and her dog come July. I'm fairly new to the Orlando area.

    At any rate, I want to adopt a cat!

    I'd like to adopt from a no-kill shelter because I want to support them. I kinda want to adopt a black cat because A) they look awesome and B) I've heard they don't get adopted often 8C

    I've never owned a cat before so I'm looking for some general preparation tips and advice on what to look for. I'd also like some recommendations for no-kill shelters in Orlando. :) Thanks!

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  • How do I get my bleached hair to white?

    Over the past several months I had my hair bleached at a salon--three times total. I went from brown hair to bright blonde.

    Problem is, I can't get the gold tones out. I want to get it to paper-white.

    I've tried Manic Panic: Virgin Snow, and a toner. I wash with a purple shampoo. So far nothing's helped and my hair's the same colour.

    Help please?

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  • Cell phone recommendation please?

    I'm moving to UCF in August and I want to get a smart phone. I haven't tried out many carriers so I don't know which ones would have good coverage in the Orlando area and hopefully also in my hometown of Rockford, Illinois.

    Plus, I do like to text and go on the web, so an unlimited amount of that would be nice. I don't speak on phones very often so I wouldn't need many minutes.

    I'd prefer a no-contract phone.

    I recently stopped using Virgin Mobile because my phone stopped working and at the time I wasn't using it enough to justify paying $70+ for a new version of a faulty phone. But that was a good plan at $25/month for unlimited texting and data plus a few hundred minutes.

    At best I'd get a phone with a QWERTY keyboard, but that's not necessary.

    I'd really like to minimize my costs on this.

    Thanks for the help!

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  • Any teapot suggestions?

    Hey there! I'm a cheapskate in the market for a teapot. Now, I look around and I see all kinds of cool designs for them in every style you can think of--Aladdin's lamp, the TARDIS, animals, Union Jack...

    So many to choose from. I'm looking for something quirky and fun. Any suggestions? :D Preferably one that doesn't cost too much and comes with a strainer.

    2 AnswersNon-Alcoholic Drinks9 years ago
  • Fix for odd chapped lips?

    My lips aren't prone to chapping and there isn't an obvious reason for them to be dry. I haven't been licking them a lot or hanging out in a different climate or eating really acidic things. But a week or so ago my lips suddenly got really chapped and sore. The weird part is that there also seems to be a small patch of rashy/chapped skin above and below them too. :C It does hurt. I started putting a Vaseline type ointment on them and that stopped the pain, but they didn't heal. Right now I'm using a Blistex medicated lip ointment and, again, that's helping the pain, but they're not healing. I'm worried that this might be an allergic reaction or something but I haven't eaten anything weird, and it doesn't look like a cold sore.

    Does anyone here know more about this than I do? Do you have any advice?


    (Oh. And since Yahoo! suggested I put this in the STD section, I'd better mention that I haven't had my first kiss yet, much less anything else, so this isn't anything like that.)

    1 AnswerOther - General Health Care9 years ago
  • Question about depression?

    I tend to get clinically depressed or near that once every few months for several weeks and sometimes months at a time. Is there a word for that? Or am I just screwed up? xD Thanks!

    3 AnswersMental Health9 years ago
  • Does OCD count as a "neurological disorder"?

    I'm doing a scholarship search and trying to figure out whether I should put my diagnosed (but only mild/moderate) Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder as a "neurological disorder." Help please?

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  • Uh... is there a name for what I believe?

    I recently officially un-converted from Christianity. I know there are a lot of people who have, so I figure there's probably a name for my belief system/religion:

    -I don't believe in God, exactly, although I believe it's technically possible that there is a G/god

    -I don't follow any organized religion and am sceptical of all of them, to a degree

    -I'm pretty open to being shown evidence of the truth, but I'm not going to accept something as always objectively true unless it's proven, not just testified for

    -I know people sincerely believe in religion even if they're "sincerely wrong" and that we should respect each other's differences that way

    -I don't claim to know the origin or nature of reality (could have been created [though how did the creator come to be?], could be brains-in-a-jar, could be something no one's imagined)

    -At the moment, I don't really believe in life after death (though since that's not been proven, I still accept it as possible)

    -I don't worship anybody (and now I'm feeling hit with hubris-guilt, haha)

    I'm not asking this to be preached to... ^^; But is there a name for my stance on religion?

    6 AnswersReligion & Spirituality10 years ago
  • I have a question about healthful eating?

    I've been on a self-administered diet for about a year. ("Diet" in this case doesn't mean eating only a certain kind of food, but rather that I eat healthily and avoid excess fat/sugar.) But, uh, I'm wondering if I'm going a little far.

    See, I haven't been eating as much as usual for the past few days. I tend to operate under the rule "Hunger is fat leaving the body," but I'm not starving myself or anything... I got a lot more exercise yesterday than I'm used to. I've been pretty cranky since then and my pants keep seeming to get bigger and I'm perpetually hungry even after a meal. So... am I doing something wrong, food-wise?

    (I accidentally skipped breakfast; I had a peanut butter sandwich and apple for lunch; and a rice dish, some fruit, and corn and peas were my dinner. Isn't that balanced enough?)

    As a postscript, I'm a vegetarian, but that's not related really... I've been off meat for at least four years. Could this be a protein issue or something?

    Thanks for the help, guys!

    1 AnswerDiet & Fitness10 years ago
  • Adobe Illustrator question--clicking and dragging corners no longer resizes an object?

    I have Adobe Illustrator CS2. Clicking on an object's corners has always resized the object, but I presume I pressed an accidental mismatch of keys and ended up reconfiguring the settings somehow. In any event, clicking on the corners no longer resizes it; it just moves the object over. Will you please help me?

    2 AnswersDrawing & Illustration10 years ago
  • Theories on locked-door gunshot (for amateur detectives)?

    [Note: This scenario happened in a series I just started watching (/Gargoyles/) and has a supernatural/cryptozoological explanation behind it, but I found myself wondering what a normal police-person or detective investigating the scene would think.]

    A woman is found outside the hospital on a spare stretcher. She has a gunshot wound in her torso and is not breathing. She manages to survive thanks to the quick action of the hospital staff but isn't awake yet.

    Investigation into the crime reveals no blood or evidence of a struggle outside the hospital, but after digging deeper, you find out her address and go to her apartment. There you find a pool of blood. The door to her apartment is locked when you get there and there is no sign of forced entry, but one large window in the apartment is open.

    A handgun, later found to be belonging to the woman herself, is lying abandoned on the floor several feet away from the pool of blood.

    The angle of the gunshot, etc. (as well as the fact that the gun is some ways away from the pool of blood where the woman's body presumably was) implies that the gunshot wound was /not/ self-inflicted.

    The only fingerprints on the gun are smudged beyond recognition.

    Hospital personnel say that the woman had to have been brought to them within a few minutes of being shot or she would not have survived.

    The hospital is not near the woman's apartment.

    Her apartment is several stories off the ground. There is a ledge outside her open window, but no trees or anything else to climb there from.

    No witnesses claim to have seen either the injured woman or her presumed assailant leave her apartment after the shot.

    The woman herself is a cop (hence why she owned a handgun) and it's likely that she has several criminal enemies who might be willing to do away with her.

    How do YOU think the injury happened?

    (My own best guess would be that the woman was attacked by someone who managed to enter from outside her apartment and her body was abandoned as dead; but someone found her body and brought it to the hospital anonymously, so they wouldn't be considered a suspect when authorities investigated. The main flaw in my theory is the time it would take; the woman probably would have already died by then...)

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  • What kind of drug would cause someone to cough up blood?

    This isn't actually happening to me, but I would still like to know... It would induce vomiting, too. It was a drug/toxin/poison/whatever that was put into water, and it did affect the taste. It induced dizziness and drowsiness as well. Are there any drugs that would fit this criteria?

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  • "File Format Error" on my Emerson 2GB mp3 player?

    Despite my Emerson mp3/video player (EMP516-2) supposedly being able to play videos in the avi format, all my avi videos won't play. A little text box pops up and says "File Format Error." Why is this? Can I fix it?

    Thank you!

    2 AnswersMusic & Music Players1 decade ago