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  • Can you imagine worshiping a deity who?

    committed genocide against his own creations, who convinced a dude to sacrifice his own son to prove his devotion just to say "just kidding", who impregnated a "virginal" woman without her permission (sounds like rape to me) and then sacrificed his own son in a horrible manner, made him suffer because of the sins of his own creations that were committed before any of us were born, who is willing to condemn even kind, compassionate people to eternal torment because they don't have the right set of beliefs, beliefs set forth by self interested humans who have twisted things for their own purposes, a deity who is more concerned about homosexuality than war, more concerned about fetuses than the large percentage of people suffering....shall I keep going?

    I was raised Catholic, started realizing the bs and horror of what I was being taught when I was about 6, around the time my brothers told me Santa, easter bunny, tooth fairy were all made up. The nuns at my school taught kindergartners about purgatory, portrayed God as a cruel deity that would condemn little children there if we didn't pray every day. Not everyone's version of God, but far too many.

    Jesus as I was taught was a cool dude. Doesn't matter that he was no more the son of a god than any of the rest of us. The message he purportedly, compassion, empathy and non judgment, would literally bring near heaven on Earth and make any deity worth our time proud.

    Time for the human race to grow up.

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  • Is it too late for US citizens to take back our political system?

    Just in case anyone still thinks voters in the US are more than pawns, look up the connection between Trump, Bannon, Brexit and Cambridge Analytica. We willingly give our personal....VERY personal info, away and it has been actively used to target us by the powers that be with the clear intent to manipulate. We really need to wake up.

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