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  • Can anyone help me with this genetic stats question?

    here is the question"A sample of 1000 British people gave genotype counts of 298 AA, 489 AG and 213 GG for the SNPs in glycophorin A locus and 99 TT, 418 TC and 483 CC for the SNPs in the glycophorin B locus,, test each locus separately for H-W Equilibrium. Use a 5% probability level (Type 1 error rate). Clearly show your calculations and tabulated test statistic(s)"

    I suck at genetics and stats, don't really know what methods to use to solve this problem like chi-square? and if using the chi-square how to find the expected? I know like e.g. class AA expected can be Np^2+2Npq but don't really know how to apply to the question...Please help me 

    Mathematics2 months ago