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  • astrology ?

    Here for those who astrology is just rubbish and for those who say astrology as no effect on us 

    At birth I had  Saturn conjunct to my MID heaven 

    Here what it says 

    IN the natal Saturn conjuct Mid heaven it mean hard work and lots of responsabilites are your Karmic destiny 

    You will feel a strong sense of duty and you will strive with determination to do 

    something significant in your life 

     At 78 I can SAY Everything is True 

    Even as a child i had lots of responsability 

    and all my life was full of responsability 

    2 AnswersHoroscopes6 days ago
  • Politic and governemnt ?

    What is Q annon ?

    Who is the founder of this group ?Is it supported by trump ? 

    1 AnswerWrestling6 days ago
  • Culture and Group ?

    Someone can tell what is Q anon 

     Who is the founder of this organization 

    Is it supported by Trump ? 

    Thanks for answering 

    1 AnswerBiology6 days ago
  • Politi c and Governement ?

    Is there someone here who knows about  Qu ann 

     WHO is behind this  movement ? 

    1 AnswerYahoo Answers7 days ago
  • Horoscope section ?

    Uranus is transiting the 12 house of Trump 

    Watch all the lies come out 

    What do you think ??

    4 AnswersHoroscopes4 weeks ago
  • Religion ?

     Do you believe in reincarnation 

    4 AnswersReligion & Spirituality4 months ago
  • Astrology?

    By transit Uranus trine natal Sun bring lots of positive changes in our lives

    Who agree ?

    4 AnswersHoroscopes6 months ago
  • Horoscope section?

    Which transit make you decide to take back your life and never let people walk over you again

    I am a Libra with 6 planets in LIbra and Sat and Uranus in Gem


    1 AnswerHoroscopes7 months ago
  • Horoscope?

    Which transit give you the strenght

    to regain back your life

    Example ;; This year I promise myself ;;nobody will ever walk over me again

    I am a LIbra with 6 planet in LIbra


    Horoscopes7 months ago
  • Family and Relationship?

    Here a question for woman ans also men

    I know a guy who is 48 yrs nad he doesnt have a car nether his driver license

    He live with his parents because he is in a tight pinch

    The guy is a very good person

    OK here my question

    Do you think a woman who is her 40 ties will date guy like this

    Thanks and be honest in your answer

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating8 months ago
  • Astrology section?

    Starting at the begining of June NOrth node will conjuncy my natal Uranus iN Gemini and later on my natal Saturn in Gemini

    Is it good or bad


    3 AnswersHoroscopes9 months ago
  • Astrology?

    I am a LIbra with 7 planets in Libra

    Jupiter will square all those planets

    I know its not good

    What do you think

    my 2020 yrs start in a terrible way

    Why they say Jupiter is not that bad


    4 AnswersHoroscopes10 months ago
  • astrology section?

    When a planet retrograde is it worse than when she goes direct

    Like Saturn will retrograde in Capricorn for almost 10 months in year 2020

    For those who Saturn will make a square to their natal planet

    what they should expect ? I guess nothing good >?

    2 AnswersHoroscopes11 months ago
  • Health and Heart section?

    My husband is 77 and lately he break in sweats often

    He is on medication for high blood pressure for 30 yrs

    I read breaking in sweats could mean a mild heart attack

    What do you guys \


    2 AnswersHeart Diseases1 year ago
  • Family and Relationship?

    OK here

    Its about a 77 yrs man who had help a 50 yrs woman to get out of a abusive relationship

    He open his door to make her stay at his place ;and he also gave her ride to get to her work for 4 days ;;saturday night she him and his wife that she was going to a festival

    Sunday morning he went into a park to read a book and he discovered she had sleep with her bf there

    He was so mad that he flew in a rage until midnight

    According to him she betrayed him and he said she was just a scumb ;; his wife told him it was none of his business but he never stop screaming that he hate her and he never want to see her again

    Why do you think he was so pisss ?

    5 AnswersSingles & Dating1 year ago
  • Horoscope section?

    By transit Neptune trine natal venus

    you meet your soul mate ?? True or false

    It did for my husband

    53 yrs of marriage

    3 AnswersHoroscopes1 year ago
  • Astrology?

    By transit North Node squaring natal Sun


    2 AnswersHoroscopes1 year ago
  • Astrology?

    Which transit indicate the death of a child

    8 AnswersHoroscopes1 year ago
  • Health ;;Cancer?

    I know a guy who is 46 yrs and as a stage 4 lung cancer

    The cancer as already spread to his bones

    his spine

    his lymp nodes

    and he is passing some blood in his stools

    They are suppose to give him 12 chemo treatment

    How long he can live [ aproximatly

    2 AnswersPreschool2 years ago