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  • Why did Outlook stop receiving inbound IMAP e mail?

    I have Outlook 2007 and two different e mail addresses, both using Google e mail accounts, and both are IMAP accounts. They are on the same pc, just two different e mail addresses on the same Outlook. I will call one account-a, the other account-b herein.

    Both were set up over 5 months ago and worked well until 2 days ago.

    Currently one of the accounts, account-b works properly. This suggest that the pc, my network etc are all performing properly.

    The other account, account-a, does not display new e mail. I can send out e mail without any issue.

    I can go to the Google e mail on a web browser and see the e mail is available so I know new e mail is making it to the Google server; it is just not going from Google server to my Outlook.

    I have checked all the e mail configurations for servers, port numbers, encryption, etc and they are proper. I have checked the file size and even made sure to purge deleted items, which made no difference.

    I made NO changes to any settings so there is no known assignable cause for this apparent failure.

    It is acting like something is just blocking e mail for account-a. Account-b, which has the same domain but different account name only, works properly; both use the same e mail server domain which is then forwarded to the Google server due to MX record change. The MX record change is common to all on the domain; other users on the domain, who have POP or IMAP servers, whichever they wished to set up, report no issue.

    I have run virus scans using different antiviruses and nothing was found on the pc that receives the e mail.

    The entire PST file is about 170 KB, I am told that if it gets to about 20 GB I would have a size issue that could stop receipt.

    It seems like the issue is an Outlook issue since all on the Google IMAP server seems to behave. The term "Outlook issue" as I use it could well be a configuration, setting, etc.

    I have it set to send down only the intial info, not the entire e mail as is common to IMAP and this is not the matter; nothing is seen coming down.

    I would appreciate any thoughts anyone may have.

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  • How to fix spark plug stripped threads on Briggs & Stratton mower engine?

    I removed the old plug at end of year and noticed the threads in the engine's plug socket were worn badly and pieces of the thread were on the spark plug. Now the new plug does not turn tightly. Can this be repaired? The mower is 3 years old and otherwise in good shape.

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  • How to reset clock when battery changed on a car?

    I need to replace the battery on my 2001 Ford Tarus. I understand that the clock needs to be reset after this. How do I reset the clock and do you need some sort of code to do this?

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  • Moving another's My Documents?

    This is to clarify a previous question. I cannot log onto a pc using any of the 3 users passwords; the log on starts and then returns to the log on screen. We may have to reformat. I want to copy files in Documents and Settings for all users to keep them. I can't log in so I moved the hard drive and made it a slave on another XP Pro pc. I have moved the My Documents under Documents and Settings for all but one user. I receive an error message claiming I have no permission to do this or to open it. This was in Win Explorer I have tried in Safe Mode, logged in under Administrator in SAFE mode - and cannot see the contents in the Dos Propt screen. Is there a way to copy it so I can reformat??

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  • Moving another's My Documents?

    It looks like we will have to reformat a hard drive that has 3 users. I want to copy the My Documents of all users elsewhere so it is not lost.

    I can move all the users except one. I receive an error message that states access denied. I cannot log into the pc (when I try it returns me to the log in screen) hence the reformat reason.

    Is there anything I can do to move this?

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  • XP Login Returns to Login after entering password?

    At the XP login screen the user name and password are entered properly. The Microsoft jingle starts and the monitor starts to show the desk top like normal. There is no statement indicating password error. There are 3 users on this pc; we see the same behavior with all users. Then it returns you to the log in screen as though you logged out.

    This is XP with SP 2.

    Any suggestions on how to get in?

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  • Will a pc or notebook s video port display the pc screen like a LCD projector does?

    I have a notebook with an ATI video card. I have updated the drivers. I see the desktop but not the mouse cursor, the bottom row of buttons (start, etc), or desktop icons. I have adjusted the TV screen size so that I am not overshooting the display on the screen. When I open something on the desktop (e.g. Power Point), the Power Point is seen on my notebook monitor but I only see the desktop on the TV screen. Can I use the s video of the pc to display the pc screen on a TV?

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