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    Which woman should I marry of these three?

    my height 5.9", straight forward nature, age 32, virgin.

    woman-1: height 5" short, nonvirgin, good face, age 29

    woman-2: height 5.3" good, non virgin, face not good, age 29

    woman-3: height 5.1" ~, virgin, face good, age 25 very less.

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    i'm a 35 year old virgin male and i scheduled an appointment with a escort. will i finally feel better about myself once i lose my v card?

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    i disagree with some of these answers. I'm 22 and personally I couldn't bare the thought of being in your position (no offence) so to cope at 19 i started seeing escorts on a regular. just to sort of get used to a somewhat sex life? you have to realise that's all it is. sex. like literally putting your pants on. people just get used to it and don't think about it after a while. thats why people are saying you'll be highly disappointed in your experience. especially if you get nervous nor hesitant in the activity of your first time especially at that age. you have no idea how you'll perform or what you'll actually like or don't like in reality. you'll learn that the hard way but escorts are a necessary in my opinion if you have never have had sex. not because you are entitled to it but for your mental health. this is why i strongly support sex workers who are passionate about it

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    Is it okay to date a 13 year old? im 38.?

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    Troll go prison

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    Should I accept this behavior from my boyfriend ? ?

    So last weekend I had a bday celebration  for my birthday at my house....I had invited  my boyfriend Of two years... he always working out of town and a lot of hours. So the times I do spend time with him are only on the weekends. Well that weekend was my celebration party.... my bf came down and I had told him prior about the party. Well that day came, I didn’t hear from my boyfriend.  I kept on calling him to see what time was he coming but no I didn’t hear from him all day.. what made it worse was that I had told my family he was coming and they kept on asking me so I felt so embarrassed coz it was already late... well I was so sad! Anyways the next morning he called me telling me that he was sooooo sorry and that he was asleep all day long at home and he lost track of time.....I accepted this apology however he didn’t even think of stopping by at my house to just see me since he was already going to leave out of town to work agian. 

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    I’m pregnant and my boyfriend keeps smoking in our home?

    First and foremost I have nothing against marijuana or anyone who does it. I’ve done it twice out of my entire life but stopped because I don’t see the reason why other’s do it. I’m currently expecting and the smell of my boyfriend’s marijuana REALLY makes me feel weak and nauseous. I talked to him about it and asked if he can at least smoke outside but won’t listen. He’ll smoke in our bedroom with the window open but I can still smell it and it makes me throw up every single time. No joke. The smell is now starting to stick on my clothes. Right now I’m suffering from placenta previa & have an 50% of an miscarriage. I know smoke can play a part as well.. advice please? 

    9 Answers1 day ago
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    How to get a girl out of my head..?

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    I feel you and let me tell you that it is almost impossible to get rid of your crush specially when you love them that much. So I'm gonna share with you the things I did to accept the fact that my crush and I will never be more than friends and that I have to love myself and move on. The first thing I tried was stop texting him. I know it is something you have tried already and it didnt go well in your case, but what I did to avoid blocking was saying something like "I really dont wanna get used to you anymore. You know i will always be here for you and the best of happiness and sucess is all i wish you", I asked him to talk just once a week or once a month to know about him, and he dubiously accepted. After that he felt unsured about the agreement but I had to explain that it was something needed for his good and mine. We kept talking once a week for 1 and half year, I met new ppl, I tried to focus on loving myself and he started dating someone. When he told me he was in a relationship, I didnt feel bad at all but happy instead bc I already knew that something like that was gonna happen. I started dating someone too, and that is another thing that made me distracted myself. Another thing I also did was thinking about my crush like an impossible, like that kind of crush you have on a celebrity, you can say they are cute and nice but they dont know about your existance and alos thinking in that way will make you accept you like your crush but you cant have them. This thing leads to the other thing I also did: accept i like my crush. The more you say you dont like your crush, the more you get attached to them. 

    In few words, it is impossible to get rid of your crush but wishing them the best in this life, be their best friend, learn to live just knowing about then occasionally and give yourself a chance to like other ppl. We dont have only one chance to fall in love but thousand of chances. And never forget to love yourself first to love others.  

    15 Answers4 days ago
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    Is it bad that I look at porn all day long? ?

    Before covid hit I had a job and worked every single day for years. I never saw porn in my life when I was a Early teen But stopped for years a decade. I lost my job due to covid I got paid so much money to be home way more money than when I had a job  so I choose not to work. I made 30k... I watch porn everyday I’m so shocked with how entertaining that it is. I have not left the house in months and I don’t drive.. all I do is orgasm and watch porn and have phone sext with men and a female by the way is this bad?? 

    5 Answers3 days ago
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    Do I have a chance with my ex girlfriend?

    She had been acting funny recently so I called her to ask about it.  She tells me the relationship ran it's course.  It was becoming too routine for her etc.

    The then tells me I'm an awesome person and given some time we should hang out.

    We are still friends on Facebook and Instagram though I deleted all posts with her in them.  She still has them up on her page.

    Is there a chance that she still has feelings for me and this might work out?

    6 Answers17 hours ago
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    at what age do men start to lose their sex drive?

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    I'm 83 and still horny as hell.  Use it or lose it.

    6 Answers18 hours ago
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    Is going to a strip club cheating?

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    It is a very interesting question-

    As far as the definition of cheating is concerned, it seems pretty no-ish... but if you would feel disrespected, then it would seem like a messed up thing for him to do...

    But all things being even, he has said he wants to go there; so I would imagine it is the kind of thing he has wanted to do prior to meeting you... or if y'all weren't together.

    So here is an interesting question posed back to you - I hope you read this answer, b/c I think this question will give you something to think about

    - if you guys broke up [for unrelated reasons] and got back together some time later... but during the time you guys weren't seeing each other, he went to the strip club, would you still be mad at him??

    This question will hopefully help determine why it is you feel the way you feel. For instance, are you only against him going b/c his is your bf? Or do you think every gf Should feel disrespected by the bf going to a strip club??

    Are you against it b/c he would have [limited] access to women there?? Or b/c women would have access to Him there?

    Are you against it b/c you don't think it is dignified job for a lady to have? Or b/c you think your bf going to a strip club would reflect poorly on you for one reason or another?

    As I said, this is quite interesting to me; hopefully you find a good resolution to this situation soon. If it is any consolation, him going to a strip club one time probably wouldn't be the end of the world... even if you would feel disrespected, maybe there is a way to get something out of it... if you give it your [partial] blessing, he has to do something for you... If you do something like that however, do me a favor, don't hold it over his head that he went to a strip club; if you guys came to an agreement where you OK'd it, he shouldn't have to hear about it all the time, you know? That would be grating...

    Anyways, like I was saying, good luck w/ all of this.

    16 Answers4 days ago
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    Do you think I should try to date him because he'll be successful in the future?

    There's a boy at my school who's really smart. He earned a $250,000 scholarship to Princeton University, a private Ivy League school that's extremely hard to get into. He's always been #1 in his class and will be valedictorian. We're graduating high school next month, so do you think I should ask him out before it's too late? I know he'll be successful in life; what if he invents something and becomes a billionaire and I'm his girlfriend and I get half of whatever he has? He's also really cute.

    11 Answers3 days ago
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    I want to start having sex with my boyfriend?

    He's 18, I turn 18 this year. Both seniors in high school. Been together since summer before junior year. But the problem is, he has 3 little siblings and parents who are usually at his house. My family is at their house. My parents don't care when I have sex and love him, I just feel weird bringing this up. Should I just wait until they're gone and invite him over? Do I need to ask my parents to have privacy? 

    5 Answers9 hours ago
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    Is my stepdaughter teasing me?

    My 19 year old is so sexy.  She was going to a fancy dress lingerie party she bought a sexy short sailor outfit, one night I walked past her room and noticed her door was a jar so I had a look in. Wow I just caught her pulling up her white stockings and slipping on her 5inch heels I know she caught me. She asked me to drive her to her party and in the car she kept slowly rubbing her hands up and down her stockings once I got home she sent me a photo of her stockinged legs and heels telling me her heels make her feel sexy and they would look could on my shoulders.

    5 Answers11 hours ago