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what is the Evolution of the Planets in both creationist view and scientific view?

i need the best info whoever you people are because my evolution paper is a test grade worth 200 points

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  • 2 decades ago
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    The creationist view is that God spoke, and things came into being. This is surprizingly interesting, considering some unpublished stuff I've seen concerning possible connections between the quantum foam and actual particles: on the Orion Press website--a TREK fanfiction site, best found by a google search--there is a short story by someone that has obviously ALSO read this stuff: THE HITCHHIKER.

    Conversly, the evolutionist view is that somehow, there was a major creative event that produced an unimaginably vast amount of matter/energy in what we call our universe. This stuff cooled and expanded, allowing the four forces we know to condense out, then allowing matter to condense out, then over unimaginably huge stretches of time, the matter condensed into stars, galaxies and whatnot. Heavier elements (beyond the lithium/boron level) were forged in the hearts of these early stars, and then spewed into space when these stars went nova; a second, and third, etc. generation of stars were born, lived and died, enriching the universe in stuff like carbon and iron and titanium and whatever, to the point that a world like ours could condense out of the mess...

    Both views have their detractors and proponents. The evolution group call the creationists mindless barbarians; the creationists call the evolutionist group mechanistic determinists, and folks that extrapolate 'way out of the range that their observations will support...

  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago

    The creation theory is in Genesis and the evolution theory started with the big bang or one big glob of matter breaking up into our universe check it out in astronomy in an encyclopedia on line follow the references

    Source(s): Genesis 1 and science theories
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