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I am 37 Weeks pregnate I turn 38 weeks on wednesday and was told that baby is already over 8lbs go in to dr wednesday to schedual induction was told baby is alreayd considered full term... only problem is baby hasn't dropped yet and cervix is still very thick and not dialated if I take casteroil would it start contractions would it make baby drop and would it thin my cervix and start dialation?

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    If your cervix is still thick and not can try but according to this, it won't work! Better off waiting for the induction!

    How do I know if castor oil will work for me?

    If you are 40 weeks and showing signs of labor, castor oil may work for you. You will want your cervix to be soft and thinning. If you have begun to dilate and efface already, this will increase your chances of castor oil being effective at labor induction. You should not try castor oil if you have not reached your due date or have a high risk pregnancy. Castor oil almost always causes diarrhea. Its primary use is a stimulant laxative. It has an unpleasant taste and may cause nausea, vomiting, and abdominal cramping. If you do not wish to experience these symptoms, do not try castor oil. Before using castor oil you should consult your health care provider.

    How does castor oil work?

    Castor oil is a laxative. It is believed that castor oil works to stimulate the bowels. It can lead to cramps and tightening of the muscles in the intestines. These cramps may spread to the uterus, tightening the uterine muscles and stimulating contractions. These contractions may or may not lead to the onset of active labor.

    Is castor oil safe?

    There are conflicting reports on the safety of castor oil. Some reports were shown to show a correlation between meconium in the amniotic fluid and castor oil. However, many others believe that it is more a co-occuring symptom of overdue babies. Castor oil is used most frequently in overdue pregnancies. Since overdue babies have an increased chance of having meconium in the amniotic fluid, many believe the overdue baby is the cause of the meconium and not the castor oil.

    Is castor oil effective?

    The verdict is still out on castor oil's effectiveness at inducing labor. Some women swear by it. Others feel it is nothing more than an old wives tale and pure coincidence for the women who do go in labor. There have been very few studies on castor oil as used for labor induction. Therefore, the long and short answer to this question is maybe.

    How do I use castor oil?

    Castor oil can be purchased at most drug stores in the laxative aisle. Opinions on how to use castor oil vary. Most midwives recommend using 2 ounces. You will likely want to mix it with something to make it taste more palatable. Castor oil has an unpleasant oily taste. If you use castor oil, you may want to try one of the following recipes.

    Castor oil recipes

    Castor oil and orange juice

    2 oz castor oil

    1 tsp baking soda

    6 oz orange juice

    Castor oil milk shake

    2 oz castor oil

    2 or 2 scoops ice cream

    1/4 cup milk

    blend in blender

    Castor oil shots

    2 oz castor oil shot followed by sucking on a lime or lemon

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    I would not use that castor oil.....first reason--it tastes nasty. There are things that doctors can do to thin out your cervix. Do not worry about home remedies. They can put you in the hospital and insert a little pill to thin out your cervix. When the doctor breaks your water and starts you on a pitocin drip your cervix will do what it is suppose to do. Also, some babies don't drop before the water is broke. so, try not to worry.

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    I've tried it my last 2 children. It definitely worked for me. After drinking the 2 ozs in tea I speed walked for 1 hr straight. Came home took my shower and about 1hr of resting the contractions started. Not something I will recommend because I felt so guilty in the hospital because I knew I caused my contractions..They were non progressive and I layed there hooked up on the monitor forever before they finally decided to give me a c-section now(I was already sched for one the next week). Just wait let the hospital induce you because you will definitely be on and off the toilet in hospital.

    Good luck.

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    I think it just makes you poop a lot but I wouldn't risk it they told me my son was huge and he was average 7.5 but they were a bit off they said well over 9 so ......... I heard nipple stimulation and intercourse helps walking too I bet you are just soooooooooooooo ready to get it over with I probably will be too !! Whatever you decide I wish you the very best experience!!

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    i've heard t hat but it may be an old wives tale. you're more likely to get diarhea than you are to make a baby come out. i would just let the doctors control the situation. it's safer that way. best of luck.

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    It MIGHT start contractions, which in turn, will make you dilate and efface. It does work for some, but not all. So don't pin all your hopes on it, that it definitely will.

    Source(s): Mom of 2 DD's.
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