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Male Sex Drive (men only)?

Is the male sex drive at all periodic, in your experience? I can't say that there's a regular cycle, but sometimes I'll just be really charged for several days, and other times I just won't have a lot of sexual thoughts. This isn't always to do with release.

I know they did some research showing that women dress more attractively when they're fertile... but is there anything similar for men? Have you noticed this at all?

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    When I was younger I was pretty much horny all of the time.

    Now I'm 50 and I find that at some times of the month I am very sexually charged--almost like an animal in heat--then for a while I am horny some of the time--and then for a while, hardly any sex drive.

    During this time I can be aroused, but I don't have the drive/sense of urgency or sexual charge.

    And then I'll get sexually charge up again. -- and my wife's biological clock and mine aren't in synch which is a bummer!!

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    I find mine to be periodic...but it is definately not the same period as the misses...which sucks when we get out of sync and I'm a horny boy while she's 'go the hell away'...

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    No, i think its just ur mood.

    If you're up for it... or you're not.

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