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What are the ingredients in a Lincoln Log sandwich?

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    It was hot dogs split open in the middle with cream cheese in them and on a slice of white bread. The name itself appears to be "made up".

    But they are know as Seattle Cream Cheese Dogs. Supposedly putting cream cheese on a hot dog is done often in Seattle.

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    I saw that last night on Sopranos too. It looked like a hot dog and cream cheese. Or butter?

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    LOL- no idea, but I think you are in the wrong forum! I will google it and get back to you!

    Okay, back- no idea! LOL! I saw it too on Sopranos, and she put cream cheese away after....I think it is hot dogs split open and smeared with cream cheese!

  • the ingredients come from MY very personal and private place. ENJOY FAT BOY!

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  • Wrong category.........thanks for the 2 points <smile>

    Source(s): **CoMmOn SeNsE & UnDeRsTaNdInG**
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    Ummmm....wood fibers, and butter!

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