How much should i feed my 8 week old chihuahua puppy?

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and how many times a day? he weighs about 1 lb and 2 oz ?
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I am a chihuahua breeder and I recommend leaving the food out at all times for your puppy. Specially since it is so small. Chihuahua are prone to hypoglycemia(low blood sugar) and can die if not taken care of quickly. Also buy a tube of Nutrical at the vet's or petstore. It is a high calorie vitamin./mineral supplement. I would give the pups a little each night and each morning for the first couple of months. We feed our puppies Nutro Ultra puppy. It is a very good food. Congrats on your new pup.
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  • *Berrigood* answered 7 years ago
    Leave dry food available to the puppy all day, and in the morning and evening mix dry food with some moist food. My chihuahua was the runt of the litter and I kept him eating so he didn't get low blood sugar and put on a lil weight. Make sure the water bowl is full too. :-) Enjoy your new puppy!
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  • tess answered 7 years ago
    I also have 2 little dogs ( Yorkies) I leave dry kibbles out for them at all times. The 2 of them just pick off & on all day. They are both a perfect weight, and neither overeats.
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  • bridgett m answered 7 years ago
    Maybe if you want to give it a good balance feed it twice a day once in the morning once in the night.
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  • ny_baby_3406 answered 7 years ago
    u shou ur dog 3 time a day
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