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Familiarity breeds contempt or to know is to love which do you think is true?

to know is to love is directly translated from malay tak kenal maka tak cinta.. not sure if there is a similar saying in english..

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    i would say that it depends on whom you are familiar with or whom you know.

    what if the person you know is abusive?can you still love them as much?

    is it possible to love and detest at the same time?

    what if the person you are familiar with is always happy, kind and loving? could you have contempt for that person?

    i do not think one can be objective here, as it depends very much on whom you are referring to, it is not as simple as generalising, in my humble opinion.


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    There is such a prase in English: to know one is to love one, or to know you is to love you. I believe in that phrase, not the one about familiarity breeding contempt.

    EDIT: Agreed, hedgewitch, on subjectivity...though contempt is a funny little word. Dislike and even fear & loathing seem more realistic somehow, more heartfelt and less removed than contempt.

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    The complete proverb is "Familiarity breeds contempt or children" so your point is correct in both the conditions. If it is not contempt then it is love if you are familiar with someone / something.

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    Familiarity breeds contempt.

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    Both are true in the sense they are what is called a rule of thumb, a statement that is true in the context where it is said, but not necessarily true in all situations.

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    i always changed the cliche "absence makes the heart grow fonder" into "absence makes the eyeballs wander"

    but for me to know is to love because everyone has something in them that is lovable

    peace love poetry

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    The first one is true. The second could be true.

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    The first part of the premise is definitely true...

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