My head feels heavy and sometimes i worry i have a tumor?

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is this normal like.? My head is just feeling heavy like i cnt really exsplain it properly- Confused.I would go doctors but because i dont have much confidence i wouldnt go alone more
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Why are people scared of Doctors???

I really dont understand it.

We are Doctors because we want to help people.

Go to your Doctor, he/she wont bite!!!

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The reason why_is because they are bloody useless and they dont help enough for depression and people suffering with eating disorder_They just tell you your be fine when infact you are not fine._X_
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  • Barbie V answered 7 years ago
    are you worrying over something? - is your eyesight ok? just phone a medical helpline - I am sure you are ok maybe just to many late nights.
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  • lucky s answered 7 years ago
    Heaviness in head can be due to so many reasons,like my blood presser was high and I was also feeling heaviness in head.Best is go to Doctor and take this doubt out.
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  • cp.lu22 answered 7 years ago
    If you had a tumour you would have more than one symptom. I know as two people who ┬┤were close to me had them. You have a severe headache and you might have problems with your vision and coordination. If you are worried the only thing to do is to go to the doctor even if you have to go without your friend. A doctor is there to help you and to put you at ease. If you have a heavy head it could just be lack of fresh air and too much work on the pc, or watching too much tv. Grab your courage and make an appointment to see the doctor, he will be able to put your mind at rest. :)
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  • David T answered 7 years ago
    Although the symptoms of a tumor do not usually include a weighed down feeling (I assume you mean because of the literal heaviness of the tumor itself), you can never be too sure. The confused feeling is more of what you should worry about. If you really can't see a doctor on your own, have your friend take a day off from work, just to be safe.
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