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I am thinking of getting a cat...should I get more than one and should they be the same gender or different?

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    get more than one! then they have buddies for each other. I'd get them as kittens as well. When we got ours they came out of the same litter and always got a long fine. I think getting a boy and a girl would be good..tehn they wouldn't have such domination problems?!

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    I don't think the gender pairings matter too much. I had a male and female (adopted 18 months apart) who got along really well. I have two friends who each have two males, also adopted about 2 years apart. Again, no problems between them. I've heard that two females can be more agressive towards each other BUT I don't know how true that is.

    I definitely think you should get two if you have the room and can afford the adoption costs of both. I'm looking at adopting an adult right now and would love to get two (there are two I really like) but the cost of two and the space in my apartment may not allow it. So think about those things as well.

    Cats do well by themselves but if you're at work or out a lot, you should consider getting two. If you're around most evenings, one cat shouldn't mind being alone during the day.

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    I personally think that two cats are better than one (I have 4). They can keep each other entertained and will play with each other and keep each other happy...if you can't focus 24 hours a day on your cat.

    You can get any combination you want....keep in mind that female cats are more expensive to spay, and male cats together (if they are not litter mates) can get territorial and even if they are fixed might run the risk of spraying in your house.

    If you are planning to get two older cats that haven't met each other you will end up having to introduce them and they might fight for a few days. SO my suggestion is go to a NO kill shelter and pick out two cats that are friends already and will benefit from a new forever home. And as for food and litter box...once you are caring for one what's one more? It really doesn't increase the expense. maybe by an additional $5.00/week per cat depending on the diet you choose.

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    Cats do enjoy companionship. 2 is a perfect number.

    Just follow this rule to ensure they get along

    Cat+ Kitten= fine

    Kitten + kitten= Great!

    Cat +Cat =Not good.

    Cats "take to" a kitten MUCH quicker and easier than they take to an adult cat. So make sure at least one of them is a kitten.

    Littermates are even better.

    Gender doesn't matter much.. just spey and neuter!!

    Oh.. do be careful of adopting an adult male. IF he was ever in the habit of spraying, he may never stop. Males neutered before 7 months of age are guaranteed to never spray. But if not neutered by 7 months, they can start spraying, and even neutereing may not stop it!! (just becaus he's neutered when you adopt him doesn't mean he's not a sprayer, if he wasn't neutered soon enugh!!)

    So.. just keep those things in mind. Spey and neuter at 5 or 6 months.. and you'll have 2 happy healthy cats!!

    Source(s): 27 years experience with cats.
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    Absolutely get more than one at the same time. If I had to do it over again that is what I would do. I got a kitten and then one year later decided to get another kitten so she would have a playmate. My older cat still to this day only tolerates my younger cat (and it's been ten years). Sex shouldn't matter although I hear boys are friendlier than girls. Same litter or same age is ideal.

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    It would be great to adopt a pair from the shelter. Cats do better in pairs, and it is best to get them at the same time.

    Shelters have kittens, young adults, and adult cats... and usually have pairs that have been raised together. Honestly, I have adopted one at adult and one at ktiten, and I must say that if I get another it will be a young adult or adult cat. Kittens require a lot of supervision.

    I have a male and a female. I don't think it really matters what sex they are as long as you have them both spayed/neutered.

    Some great books to get are "Think Like a Cat" and "Cat vs Cat". They are both by the same author and available on

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    Get two cats. That way they will have someone to play with when you're not home. But get them both together, and get them as kittens, so that they can bond from the very beginning. Gender doesn't really matter that much.

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    You can get as many you can handle. We have two cats. A male and a female. The male is older, they get along perfectly find. We got our male cat first and had him a while before we got another cat. When we got our female cat she was a small kitten our boy cat was not a kitten anymore so we had to keep them apart until she was a little bit bigger. We kept her in a cage, until she started to get bigger so our other cat could get use to her and wouldn't hurt her in the process.

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    I have 2 and they are both male.The gender does not matter.My two are the best of buddies.I just lost one a month ago to age so I have a kitten coming soon.Have fun.Cats are wonderful.

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