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MORBID QUESTION: Is it ever socially acceptable ....?

and within the guides of proper etiquette to take a picture of a deceased person while they lie within his or her casket?

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    It's done all the time in some parts of the country. In other parts of the country, they find such a practice odd and creepy. If you're not sure, ask someone close to you what they think.

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    Technically, there is nothing wrong with it.

    Superficially, some people might take offense that it is not the way they want the deceased person to be remembered. Some people might even take it as an offense to the dignity of all concerned.

    News photos have been taken of prominent deceased persons, to prove that the person really was deceased and was given the official ceremonial "dispatch" to the grave yard.

    So the question is, why do YOU want to take a picture of a deceased person? Is that how you want to remember that deceased person? What benefit do you get from having a graphic image of someone's final state after life? Those are all considerations to analyze for yourself if you do contemplate photographing someone in their coffin.

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    When I went to the funeral wake for my husband's grandmother I was suprised to walk in and see my father-in-law, this serious, rather sour man, cracking up with laughter. He had to step outside the room because the man practically had the giggles! It turned out my husband's cousin was inside all scrunched down in front of the casket, holding onto his toupee so it didn't slip, and posing for pics with the corpse. It was a pretty funny sight, but the cousin wanted his mom who was in a nursing home to see him with his grandma one more time. She wasn't able to attend the wake or funeral.'s okay if it gives people closure.

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    I would take the photo when there are no people around, a lot of people do not like this. They find it better to remember them alive. My dad died recently and the thought crossed my mind, because I love him so and miss him. But I decided looking at photo's of him while happy better to keep around me.

    But it is a personal choice and it is acceptable.

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    While I realize that in many cultures around the world, this occasionally happens, it is sickening. The deceased has no say in the matter, which makes it worse. What psychotic wants pictures of a loved one, dead, decaying, their bodies often ravaged by illness, old age and too much morticians wax make up? I cannot think of anything more insulting and privacy invading than taking photos of the dead. Sorry to vent, but the practice is disgusting.

  • Anonymous
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    Not morbid at all. It's a tradition going back to Victorian times.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Provided it's not a closed casket ceremony, it is done quite often.

  • Zabes
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    They used to do that all the time - just be sure the family is okay with you doing it - you don't want to upset anyone.

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    we tend to take pictures of all aspects of live and death is a part of that

  • bumppo
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    1 decade ago

    Yes, and not too long ago it was the norm.

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