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Why does everyone say that David Archuleta is "not experienced"?

How can you say that? I actually think he could be the most experienced because he has been through a singing competition before: Star Search. He won it, but then he got vocal parlysis so he couldn't record an album. He's been through a lot. Why does everyone say he's inexperienced?


And that's why I think he deserves it the most: because he worked so hard on Star Search, but it was all for nothing because shortly after he got vocal parlysis and wasn't able to do anything.

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    I think it is a difference in opinion as to the style of music that people prefer. I, myself, love Archie, and I will vote for him because I think he has an awesome voice, and he is gorgeous and humble to boot. I like Cook, but I think Archie deserves it more. I prefer his style of music. But, those that like the "rocky" style go for Cook. I know because my co-worker and I have been teasing each other about it for a few weeks. She is a Cook fan and I am an Archie fan.

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    The only reason they say that is because he's only seventeen. Age has nothing to do with it, Jordin Sparks won it last year and she made a CD and is going on tour with Alicia Keys. In other words, she's doing great. I think David Archuleta is probably the most experienced on the show and this is his second chance to make a career in music after suffering vocal paralysis. I think he definitely deserves this and I'd love for him to start out his career with being named American Idol winner.

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    By inexperienced, I think we mean that he hasn't yet matured enough to accept the responsibilities that come with the stardom he will go through post-Idol. Being on Star Search doesn't make him any more experienced than any of the other contestants, although it does show that he had an amazing voice from a very young age. I mean, just look at some of the other contestants, most of which are no longer there: Michael Johns, David Cook, Brooke White, Chickezie, Syesha Mercado, Carly Smithson. As opposed to little David, these people are ready to sell albums. If David Archuleta waited a little longer to accustom himself to the stage & his performances, I could definitely see him being a successful singer. Right now, though, his nervousness with his fame already before the show is even ended hasn't done it for me. He sometimes looks terrified of his fans! David Archuleta is obviously great for his age, there's no denying that. But with time, he will get better. David Cook is just flat-out great, age not being a factor. This competition is not about who is most talented for their age, but rather who is most talented.

    By the way, vocal paralysis is a serious condition, no doubt, but the fact that he has been through it doesn't make him any more impressive than David Cook having high blood pressure.

    I won't be angry if David Archuleta wins Idol, though. I suppose he needs all the help he can get to get his career started, & as long as David Cook gets a record deal (which he will), I'm fine.

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    Because he is only 17. when i was 18 I was still playing in bars. Jazz however, So my status was "Not experienced either." even though David is probably noticed as a pop artist I think. Bop Jazz still is misunderstood by many. But that is not David's problem. SO yes he is inexperienced if you call me inexperienced as well/.

    But I am no longer a musician so I am still inexperienced

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    Why do people say that? Because he's young and they are JEALOUS!!! He's a great singer, and that's all that matters. Plus he's adorable beyond compare. lol. GO DAVIDDD!!!

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    Because he was never a bartender moonlighting as a rocker.

    It is about talent here not popularity. Or so we hope... Archie gets my vote.

  • there stupid there just saying that because he is young oh well i like him bunches and im totally voting for him every step by the way david archuleta is the best

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    V! completelyyyyy said it all. for sure.

    And lets see. He forgets lyrics, TWICE. He can only sing one particular genre and his stage presence is that of a robot.

    With time, I am sure he will be good.

  • People say that because of his age.

  • they say that because he's young.

    i think hes very experienced!

    Go David!

    ((Archuleta & Cook))

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