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What are some good cheap date ideas for Arlington, TX?

I just recently started seeing this girl that lives in Arlington, TX. I live a couple hours away. Last weekend was my first time to drive to her, and we spent the weekend just laying around her apartment and stuff. I'm going again this weekend, and we want to kinda get out and do something, but she wants me to decide what. I'm pretty strapped for money, though. So besides restaurants, what are some fun dating ideas on a tight budget in Arlington, TX?

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    With the price of gas so high you spend all of your "date money" just driving 2 hours to see her. She's probably aware of your financial situation and wants you to take the lead on how much to spend. Here are some ideas. Have fun.

    Pack a lunch or stop and get some burgers and go to the park for a picnic. Take a blanket to lay on and a ball or Frisbee to throw around.

    Go to the Ft. Worth zoo. There is an entrance fee, but you can stay as long as you want. Find a bench in the shade and sit and talk awhile over a Coke.

    Go to The Parks Mall in Arlington and go ice skating at the rink there.

    Rent a movie and make some popcorn for a 'movie date'.

    Go to nearby Grand Prairie to an Airhogs minor league baseball game. General admission tickets are $6.

    Is there a pool at her apartment? Bring your suit and take a dip.

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    On the north side of Arlington is a park called River Legacy. It is a beautiful park and there is a nature center that is interesting to see, they have very short wooded trails you can walk nearby a stream where you can see frogs and turtles and lots of beautiful birds flying around. So, bring a bottle of wine, some cheese and crackers, a blanket and make a day of it. I'm not sure if alcohol is allowed in the park, so keep it under wraps or don't bring it at all.

    They have real nice bike trails there too, and it is cool since it is wooded.

    I also like to sit at the outdoor shopping center, Lincoln Square, and people watch while eating an icecream cone from Marble Slab-you can see the new stadium going up from there.

    Hope your girl falls in love with you!

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    Right now Six Flags.One price entry..all the rides and shows included.......Cost food extra...and you can make a day of it.

    Or if you want to see something funny go to the rangers game and see almost professional baseball.

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    Put on your working clothes, and help her plant her garden.

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