I have returned membership card. The fitness center still wants to charge me!!!?

Early this year, I requested to terminated the fitness membership. As instructed by the Customer Service, I have submitted a letter in writting for termination of membership and stated clear of the reason of moved out of the area. They always have different excuses and reject to let me know the status of termination yet STILL continue charge me!!! after 3-months, i decided to drop by to return them the membership card. The customer service manager just asked me ''why to return?'', simple I told him, ''due to termination of membership''. He signed the receipt of return of membership cards.

after 2-months, i received a so-called lawyer from the credit control dept saying the dues and owing amount bla bla bla... I just dont understand. I have returned the membership card, why do they still want to charge me? I called the relevant dept, no one able to solute it!!!


i called the relevant dept. they told me, the customer service dept has no right to accept termination. BUT how would i knw in their company which is the right dept to so-called ''approve'' the termination???

i am the customer, absolutely i would go to customer service dept seek for assistance.... they sent me the ''lawyer letter'' asked for the dues n owing amt else they would summon me.... sigh!!!

who can teach me what can i do to solve this problem?

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    yep...thats what they all do.

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    You have to follow exactly the letter of your contract when you terminate your membership, or it doesn't count. Usually they require all communications to be in writing. You should send everything via certified mail, return receipt requested. Keep the receipts forever. Otherwise, if this were to go to court, you'd have no way to legally prove you ever sent them any letters.

    If you no longer have a copy of that contract, you can get it from the health club - go to the local gym in person and deliver them a written request for a copy of our contract; AND mail the health club's national office a certified letter (return receipt requested) asking for a copy of your membership contract. In those letters, be friendly and polite and don't say anything about disputing a membership - just say you lost your copy of the contract and nicely ask if you can please have another copy. Certified mail, return receipt.

    Follow the membership termination process as it is spelled out in your contract. Get copies of all your credit reports, and make sure they haven't already dinged your credit. Follow up in writing with the credit reporting agencies if the health club already has done that.

    If the health club keeps after you, complain to your state's "secretary of state" and "state attorney general" offices.

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