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Why there are so many things that is consider evil or Haram/illicit in Islam?


music such as Rock and Pop is consider haram

wearing makeup is consider Haram, why is that so there is nothing wrong to wear makeup, it's a woman nature to look beautiful.

Drawing animal/human image is consider haram

and etc

Nothing is evil in this world actually but our evil thought has made it evil. Just like money, money is not evil it's our thought that make it evil


to Thinker you cannot blame the woman for the increase of rape cases, you should blame those man who couldn't control their lust, even children and those woman that cover their whole body was rape.Even though in Western countries those woman wear revealing clothes it doesn't really contribute to rape case

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    No the problem is people are prone to Satan's tricks, and became so corrupt today, that mostly what they live for, and do are wrong.

    And by listening to the whispers of Satan, people only ask about what is not allowed/halaal. They keep asking about is riba haram? or why is riba haram? why is pork haram? is instrumental music haram? why? why is alcohol haram? is little bit of alcohol haram? why is masturbation haram? is it haram even if??? Yes they ARE haram!!!

    The keep asking because they are soo desperate to listen to these whispers, and desires coming from satan.

    Why don't they ask, is divorce haram? is giving mahr in marriage to the woman (instead of the man) haram? is it haraam for women to dress up (other than when they are out)? is it haram to be educated? is it haram to have fun? Is it haram to breath air?

    So, I find the question twisted.

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    First of all you need to read the actual Qur'an instead of falling for the stereotypes.

    There is NOTHING in the qur'an that says that music is haram. the only kind of music that would be considered haram is the music that encourages you to do things that are anti islamic like have premartial sex or kill someone.

    Wearing make up is haram because Islam recognizes that God made women beautiful naturally and that men are very weak. Because men are weak women were commanded to dress modestly so that evil and weak men would leave them alone and the pious ones would ask to marry them. Hijab means protection. A woman is supposed to be a hijab (protection) for her husband and her husband is supposed to be a hijab (protection) for her. It may be in a woman's nature to look beautiful, but God wanted to protect a woman's beauty and her body so that she would be judged by her intellect and her mind and NOT by the size of her cleavage, the curve of her butt, or the redness of her lipstick. This is not only in Islam. Some Christians and devout Jewish women wear scarves too-especially in their churches and synagogues. Why is it that a nun can wear a head piece and be considered pious but a muslim woman is considered oppressed when she wears the headscarf?

    Drawing animals/human images is "Bedaa" which means it is warned against ONLY if you hang those images up on the wall and make them really big. This is because it can easily lead to worship and Islam is HUGE on preventing any kind of idol worship. There is only one God in Islam and no intercessors. Therefore, not only are there no portraits of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) but there are also no idols or statues like Christians have like the Mary and Jesus relics.

    There are many things that may not be inherently evil, but can lead and tempt u to do evil with it-like money. thats why the Bible and the Quran both say that it is harder for a rich man to enter heaven then it is for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle. thats because you'll be judged for every cent you spend so make sure you spend it wisely and righteously and avoid the whispers and temptations that satan thrown at you from every turn.

    even if u dont believe in islam or any other religion, i hope you'll atleast be able to see the muslim perspective on this and see how different the interpretation of the things you listed really are when seen through a different prism.

    read the actual qur'an. i dont judge christianity by the actions of christians. i judge it by what is written in the Bible. dont prejudge a religion when you obviously havent even read the scripture associated with it. wht you've listed are some pretty twisted stereotypes that many muslims disagree with...

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    Not everything you said is true. God made certain things haraam because of their destructive powers. Take alcohol for example: sure, if everyone had the will power to only drink one drink, and nothing ever bad happened because of drinking, maybe it wouldn't be haraam. But it is, because drinking is inherently bad for people's thinking and behaviour, as well as health. Things are made haraam when even going near them would pose a risk to a person's soul or their good nature. Music for example, is not clearly bad nor does it unilaterally cause problems. There is such a thing as haraam music, that would be music which mentions sins (like sex, drugs, etc), etc. There is not verse in the Quran about music actually, most of the evidence of making it haraam come from hadith. Most of those hadith are not actually hadith, but are interpretations of hadith passed DOWN as hadith. I find that hard to believe. If it were haraam, it'd be in the Qur'an. Imagery is a whole different story. After the death of important people (prophet Jesus pbuh for example), people worshipped Jesus in stead of God. When God sent down the revelation to Muhammad, he instructed that this not be allowed to happen again, and so imagery was forbidden. Same for the "golden calf" story with regard to Moses (pbuh). Lastly, there was a distinct cultural tradition of idol worship in Arabia before Islam. People wanted to continue this tradition even after Islam because their fathers had done so..but the Prophets said that people should not follow their fathers tradition simply because they are their fathers, but instead to follow the right path. "And the people of Moses made in his absence, out of their ornaments, the image of a calf (for worship). It had a sound (as if it was mooing). Did they not see that it could neither speak to them nor guide them to the way? They took it for worship and they were Zalimun (wrong-doers). "Al-A'raf 7:148 You can actually use images for dawa purposes in Islam.

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    Most religions lie on the concept of people being within a 'barrier' that forces people to fulfill short-term desires rather than attempting to be at one with the higher being. You said that money wasn't evil, but you'll be surprised to know how many people are trapped in this 'jail', if we should call it, on materialistic goods as well as wealth. People will die for wealth. People divorce for wealth. People marry for wealth. People give birth for wealth.

    As for things such as Rock, Pop and Wearing make-up being 'haram', I'm sorry to say, I don't see any authenticity in that.

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    It is because these worldly things distract one from the straight path. For example, it would be my option either to memorize a hi hop song/rock song rather than memorize a sura from the Quran. Women are to supposed to keep their beauty only to their husbands not to other people.Why else do you think rape is so common nowadays. Drawing living breathing things is considered replicating God's creation and we shouldn't do it.

    Source(s): a 16 years old's experience
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    music is not considered haram. only certain branches of islam belives that music,dance and drink lead to deisres and temptation.

    who said wearing make-up is haram???? only women and men are advised not to flaunt their beauty and show off. so wearing make-up in moderation is okay.

    In olden days, people tend to workship everything. they would draw an image of someting and workshop it. specially if there was a holyman, they tend to draw his image and worship him rathern than worship God. Hence Prophet forbade people to draw his image lest they workship him rather than God. for similar reason, Drawing animal/human image or the purpose of worship is prohibited but drawing for entertainment, scientific reason etc is not prohibited. One school of though belive u can draw images but not hang on the wall etc etc.

    Either you are following a strict version or misinformed.

    Every religion can be strictly interpretated if u want to. take it easy. there r 1000s of other things that is halal in Islam, and only a few which are harm.

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    You are right. Much in this world, on a stand alone basis, is not evil. But add a bunch of small islamic minds and pretty soon everything is evil.

    Oh well, I suppose tolerance is acceptable. What, oh no, tolerance of the infidels is not acceptable, they must be murdered.

    Damn people with evil thoughts.

    Source(s): King James version of the Holy Bible
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    Not many if compared to the halal things that has been allowed in Islam.

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    there is nothing absolute,

    the issue of music in islam,make up,hijab..etc have its ruling ...

    actually the way u put it down makes it look evil even if it isn't!

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