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What kind of bedding do i use for my chinchilla?

I am supposed to be getting my chinchillas tomorrow and i am confused on what kind of bedding to use for them. I heard that I could use "kiln dried pine" or "carefresh" but i also heard that i cant use kiln dried pine or just plain pine is harmful to their respiratory systems and i also heard that carefresh is not good to use because if they eat it it will cause blockage in the digestive tract! I am so confused. Someone who is a chinchilla owner or breeder please tell me what i can use! I don't want to cause any harm to them whatsoever!

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    All types of pine and cedar are toxic, and should be used. If there is any doubt, don't bother trying it. Just stay away from both products.

    The only safe wood shaving is aspen.

    Alternatively, you can use paper pulp based beddings, such as carefresh and other paper beddings of other names. Just have a look into any pet store.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Aspen bedding is the best for chinchillas.

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