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I cant eat at work, and im on a diet, My shift is 7 hours, but when i get home, IM REALLY hungry?

I work from 12-7 every other day, I eat when I wake up, then I dont get to eat again until 7:30 when I am home. My job really sucks, they dont allow breaks unless you work 8 hours or more.

I think thats illegal but they dont care.

So it think this is bad for my diet, because I eat breakfast,

then when i come home im SO hungry Not even a normal left over dinner will fill me up,and then i want to keep eating, then i end up eating all night until i go to bed, which is making me gain alot of weight.

its so bad for my health, i also heard its bad to eat after 7:00 when your on a diet.

So if thats true, the only thing id be eating on the days i work is breakfast.

What should I do??? any advice!?

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    first of all its every 4 hours u get a 15 min break if a 8 hour shift is on the get a 30 min lunch. u can turn them in to city n no one will know its u. you can also tell ur boss that if u dont eat u wil get a doctors note that u need to eat (they will sign over at docs) n if they do that its paid breaks. if i wer u (for now) take a bathroom break n eat in there! something healthy n fast like peanuts/yogurt etcc. turn the assholes in.

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    Well your not on a diet for one, a diet consists of eating small meals regularly, like every 2 hours which you're not doing, therefore you're not going to loose weight.

    It's not bad to eat after 7pm, but at night your metabolism slows down because you're not as active, so theres a higher chance the food you eat will turn to fat, but if you're not eating fatty foods then you should be ok.

    What kind of job are you doing? Are you able to take some snacks in with you to make sure you eat every few hours? When you work over 4 hours in the day you're entitled to a break of 10 minutes, when it's over 6 hours you're entitled to a lunch break, well that's how it is were i'm from.

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    If you can, sneak a small meal and maybe a snack while you work, it really depends on what you do for work though. They allow bathroom breaks right? Go to the bathroom and eat your meal as quickly as possible, it's not good to eat fast but eating two meals per day is worse. Maybe consider working 8 hours a day so you can get a break, or talk to your boss about taking a lunch break. It's not bad to eat after seven, it depends on when you go to bed, it's best not to eat 2 hours before you go to sleep. You should be eating 3 small meals per day and 1 or 2 healthy snacks.

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    Can you take snacks? If so, you can eat small snacks like the 100 calorie packs, fruits, and vegetables every 2 hours or so. It's better for your diet if you eat small meals throughout the day and less at meal time. Also, be sure to drink lots of water. The more water you drink, the less you will eat because you will always be full. Don't ask your employer for permission to eat, just do it. If they complain, tell them you know your rights.

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    no you should be getting a break..bring something with you and eat it anyway even if its just fruit and veggies they cant force you to starve your self an entire day!!

    also you could eat breakfast really early like 8am and have lunch right at 12 before you go in

  • Anonymous
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    you should be getting a 1/2 hour break for those hours by law. not by what they want to do. you could report them. or you could take your break and get unemployment when they fire you. always a solution, you just have to make it happen. they are breaking the law and could get a hefty fine

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    I think you should bring something to eat that can be eaten on the go. So technically, your not taking a break to eat.

  • Anonymous
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    you should talk to them!

    thats not healthy at allllll

    maybe bring fruits like grapes so u can eat those quickly

  • Anonymous
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    isn't there a cereal that can help u with that u eat at breakfast and it keeps u going till diner or something sorry if this don't help

  • Foxy
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    have breakfasts, then eat very little and often, then have dinner and you can make it through the day more easily.

    oh, and regularly drink half pints of water, staves off hunger!

    Source(s): i use to work, and eat, but not have lunch and i'm still thin and healthy!
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