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What is a good business to put up in Philippines?


recession is global, i'd like to invest it in good business probably in food. or a computer rental maybe so i can still play dota and the wife would not be angry. is that feasible?

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    internet cafe is good but a waste of time. food is also good, that would be a nice way to invest, just make sure that you have good food and a nice place to settle their mood and appetite. might i suggest, invest your money in building an inn, there are tourists everywhere and they don't like expensive hotels. just make it a comfortable place and a nice place to have a rest.

    a lovely place is what people are looking forward to.

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    I only agree with Dave. If I were to start a business it would be something that nobody else has. He's right, how many sari sari stores do you see on one block....A MILLION!!!! Therefore you've got competition if you open one up.

    Food would probably be a safe idea. Remember during a recession, luxury items are the first things that people give up!

  • Identify a market in your area that is difficult to duplicate. Best you chose one that requires substantial capital or some service or commodity that only you can provide. The advantage of this is your business would be difficult to copy by others. How many times have you seen a dozen Sari Sari stores on the same block?

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    Food store

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    There's a lot depending on your location. Computer Renting is common but fighting strong. If you are near schools. there are even more choices to put up.

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    don't invest, your monthly pay is enough, just play dota everyday, it will make you a very rich man. trust me!

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    eatery,sari sari store

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    it is better to invest, eirher a resto or a salon...

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