What are the strange folders with long names in Vista C Drive?

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I've got two or three folders in my Vista's C Drive, with long names i.e 33afffe42d76703..... or {8605d313-5d88-43ab-9c4f-1087...} The first folder mentioned has files called ...show more
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  • Nama answered 4 years ago
They're probably system folders. Do not deleted them rather hide them if they bother you.
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  • Flower Child ☮☼♫♪ answered 4 years ago
    Don't delete those folder!!!!! They may hold info about operating and booting your computer. Deleting them might render your computer or your programs inoperable. Dlls are important files. They make your computer and programs run.

    Go to the Start Menu and right click your Documents folder. Choose Properties and it should show you in which location the Documents folder is saved.

    If you want to delete useless files, then go clean your disk by going to Computer, right click the drive C and choose Properties, then disk cleanup. Just check all the chackboxe in there so you free a lot of space.

    You can also use CCleaner which can be downloaded and installed for free to clean up your useless files in a faster manner. Just Google search CCleaner and download it.
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  • Sarthak S answered 4 years ago
    Oh those are system files. do not delete them.
    They are update files!
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  • Luc answered 4 years ago
    As mentioned they are probably folders created when your system downloads updates, then updates for those updates as the first lot broke something, then updates for the updates to the original updates as the second lot broke something else, then updates for th.................
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  • meesho answered 4 years ago
    if it is in my documents then it is safe to remove these are propably a leftover installation files for some prog you insatalled or a file you downloaded from the internet, any how remove it
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