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Why do penis erect in the morning or when we wake up?

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I'm very curious about this. Why do my penis erect when i get up from bed? Serious answers please. And is there any way that can be done so that it doesn't erect everytime i ...show more
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Men's penises (and women's clitorises) become erect during a part of sleep known as the REM (rapid eye movement) cycle. Some physiologists have suggested that nighttime erections help keep the cells of the penis supplied with blood. Both men and women cycle into REM sleep many times each night, and often we are in a REM cycle right before we wake up. That is why men often awaken with an erection.

Some men believe that having a full bladder makes the morning erection firmer and makes it last longer, though there is little medical evidence for this. Since men have no control over nighttime erections, physicians often check to see if impotent men (men who cannot achieve erection) are having erections when they sleep, which can indicate whether their problem is physiological or psychological.
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  • everit answered 5 years ago
    Whether you want it to or not it is made to do that. Just like a yawn that happens when your lungs need a big healthy stretch, that erection is happening when your penis needs a healthy stretch. It's normal and a good thing it happens. A penis gets these more during your age of puberty starting till you are finished with puberty. You don't need to do anything special before after or during these erections. It doesn't mean you should masturbate or shouldn't. Don't try to make the erection stop. Doing the wrong thing will hurt your penis( like forcing the erect penis to bend down.) You have to wait until it becomes soft again before bending it at all. Important!!!, If you notice that it stays erect for more than an hour that's an emergency! In 4hours of erection a penis gets serious damage. So go to a Dr immediately if an erection lasts longer than an hour.
    Your penis is probably healthy and still growing as long as these morning erections continue daily. It's a sign of a problem during puberty if it never happens through your sleep or as you wake up. I hope your mom understands this fact, it is really embarrassing if a parent doesn't.
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  • Nickname answered 5 years ago
    I actually know the answer to this.

    It's the body's way of keeping the plumbing working. Your penis is full of blood vessels that create the erection and morning wood is just your body's natural way of exercising the 'pipes' while the rest of you is out cold.

    I know it's embarrassing for you, but your mom knows about morning wood because your dad gets it all the time. Now, perhaps, she will be more cautious about coming into your room to wake you, knowing that you are now to the point where you are becoming a man.

    Speaking of becoming a man, maybe now is a good time to start taking on some adult responsibility, Get yourself an alarm clock and start getting yourself out of bed in the morning. Morning wood is going to happen and if you are going to go to sleep paranoid about her coming in, you aren't going to sleep as well.

    Good luck!
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  • King3 answered 5 years ago
    Well, men think about sex every day. And when you sleep for 6-9 hours, you obviously dont think about sex unless you have a sex dream. So your penis thinks about sex for you and thats why you wake up with an erected penis.

    It's just a part of being a man.
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  • Kaan answered 7 months ago
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  • Barcode answered 5 years ago
    It keeps you from rolling out of bed in the morning.
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  • Dan answered 5 years ago
    well usualy
    it is because you
    need to go to the
    or you had a dream about
    wich isn't bad
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  • Answer4Nerdz answered 5 years ago
    Its called morning wood. every man has it because u of the pee in ur bladder.
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  • Why do penis erect in the morning or when we wake up?
    I'm very curious about this. Why do my penis erect when i get up from bed? Serious answers please. And is there any way that can be done so that it doesn't erect everytime i wake up? I'm asking this because my mom actually saw my dick erecting when she was waking me up for school and i forgot to lock my door. And seriously its really embarrassing. Hope you guys could give me good answers. :)
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