What's the matter with my sims 3 character?? I have been accidentally girlfriend-ed!!?

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Ok first of all....how do I make these two young adult -romantic interest level - become bf/gf?? Just to ensure no cheat and messing... Coz since it has not been made official with ...show more
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not true, you can so have girlfriends it SO easy. as long as they are atleast at the age of teens then you can do it.

ok so here is how.
well you can either break upmthe guy and the unexspected girl or he can have 2 gf.
whicj is possible.
anyway whichever u choose you need to get the 2 u want to love each other togther. ok so next get them kissing and ****.
after a while a new bubble under romantic should pop up saying 'propose going steady' (meaning will yo be my bf/gf.) wa la....

problem solved.....
P.S. if u want them to be married they need to be going steady before or it won't be an option.


my own exspeireence

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4 hours after this advice was given my brother did what u did coincidentally without knowing anything about my problem and what you even said....lol...means to say what u said really does werk :)
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