Ok so i failed my drug test at meps, but i passed at the recruiters office the day before. Can i still join?

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ok so i waited to get clean, passed at the recruiters office (with a faint line but passed is passed right?) and they put me on the bus to meps the same day. the very next day i was ...show more
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No! I would like fries with my Big Mac!
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  • AD answered 4 years ago
    You're done for good unless the Army starts giving DAT (Drug and Alcohol Test) waivers again. Sorry to say it, but you should have waited a few more weeks. The test at your recruiter's office means nothing and there's a pretty good chance your recruiter and his station commander got their behinds ripped into by their battalion CSM when you came up hot.
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  • ? answered 4 years ago
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  • Professor Coldheart! answered 4 years ago
    No. You used drugs. The military isn't looking for people who use illegal substances. If the army isn't going to take you (and they are more likely to take people that the other branches aren't too interested in), do you really think the other branches will want you?

    You blew it, my friend.
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  • Mr. Sunshine answered 4 years ago
    No other branch will waste their time with you. They have better candidates to pursue.
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  • Mrsjvb answered 4 years ago
    nope. never.

    the one at MEPS counted. the one at the recruiters office: DID NOT.

    you are PDQd. noi waivers will ever be authoprized for peeing hot at MEPS.
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  • Airborne answered 4 years ago
    wait 6 months then you can try again
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  • PDizzle answered 4 years ago
    Actually yes, you can join another branch. It's called a drug waiver.

    The catch is you have to be clean.

    Just go to a recruiter, sign up, and when they ask if you've done drugs say yes. They will ask how long ago and you simply tell them. As long as your clean on the piss test they will give you a waiver.
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