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What does "oppa" means in korean?

I believe it's addressed to a male but how & under what circumstances do you address it to a person? What is its feminine equivalent?

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    Only girl's use it, it's a term for an older boy (but not older by too much) because if a guy is older by you heaps you'd call them "ahjusshi" instead which means uncle~

    In bf/gf relationship, girlfriend usually calls the bf "oppa"~

    Oh and there is no feminine equivalent because females use it.. it'd be so wrong if a guy called an older guy "oppa" xD lols~~~

    But there is a male equivalent -> Hyung

    Sunbae-nim can be used by both I'm pretty sure. It's basically the same as the Japanese Senpai~

    Female equivalents - Oppa, Unni (term for older girl)

    Male Equivalent - Hyung, Noona (term for older girl)

    There's also Ahjumma (which means aunty) and Ahjusshi (uncle) which is used by both genders~

    (Appa and Umma is dad and mom i thiiink. xD)

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    Oppa Meaning

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    Oppa is what females call males older than them. It means older brother, so it should be a male who is older than you but not someone like around you dad's age or way older than you.

    Noona is what males use to call older females; it means older sister.

    You probably shouldn't call someone oppa or noona like the first time you meet them. It's good to get a little acquainted first.

    When you call someone oppa or noona you just say "oppa" or "noona" when you're talking to them

    or you can put their name infront of it like "Kibum Oppa" or "Eunhye Noona". <-- You wanna do that if your talking to someone about them, because if you don't they obviously wouldn't know who you're talking about. :)

    Unni (older sister)- what females call older femals

    Hyung (older brother)- what males call older males

    *you don't have to be literally brother/sister or related

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    oppa is brother or and older boy in korean. hyung means the same but oppa is for girls to say while guys say hyung. like noona and unni, means older girl or sister, unni is girl noona is for boys

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    oppa ( 오빠 ) - used by females to address older males. It literally means 'older brother' but it can be used even if you are not related.

    unni ( 언니 ) - [I believe this is what your other question refers to] used by females to address older females. Like 'oppa', it literally means 'older sister' but it does not require family relation to be used.


    hyung ( 형 ) - masculine counterpart of 'oppa'

    nuna ( 누나 ) - masculine counterpart of 'unni'


    You can use these stand alone or with names... Like for example:

    "unni!" or "Kevin-hyung"

    You don't use them if they are way older than you [around your parents age] which in the case you can use "-shi" ( 씨 ). Example:

    "Kibum-shi" but -shi cannot be used alone. You use it with a name, always.

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    oppa is only used by girls to say "brother"

    (or some boy who is older than you)

    Hyoung is used by guys to say "brother"

  • oppa- is brother, (does not mean they are related though, like using bro.

    appa- is father,

    noona- is sister

    oma- is mother.

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    it means 안녕히 주무셨어요? 안녕하세요

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