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How do I become a "Top Contributor" on Yahoo Answers?

I just hit level 5 and was wondering. Is it specific to the types of questions or categories?

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    It's really no big deal. Yahoo has a secret complicated formula involving percentages and best answers to arrive at how someone receives the designation. There are lots of rumours as to what that percentage is but in fact, only YA knows for sure and they aren't telling. One day you log in and surprise you are a TC. The best way to earn it is to concentrate on answering in up to three categories where you might have some knowledge. if you don't keep your percentage up you can lose the designation.There are no special privileges. In reality having the designation can sometimes be a problem since there are trolls out there who constantly look for violations or perceived violations by TCs to report their posts.

  • According to Y!A : "A "Top Contributor" is a member of the Yahoo Answers community who has shown that they are knowledgeable in a certain category. Each user can be a top contributor in a maximum three categories. You earn it or lose it depending on your recent participation in a certain section. The more positively you contribute, the more chance there is that you will get a TC badge. Just like featured users or category leaders, it's another way to give credit to community members."

    Y!A has never said what the precise requirements are. It's commonly accepted that you need to answer a lot of questions (50?, 100?, who knows...) in a category and get Best Answers on a certain percent of them (probably 10-15%) each week.

    You can have TC badges in up to 3 categories at a time. There is no TC badge for the Jokes & Riddles and Polls & Surveys categories.

    TC badges are based on your recent activity, not your level or total points, how long you've been here or your overall BA %.


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    First of all,becoming a top contributor does not depend upon the points you have or in the level you are,it depends upon your weekly status.

    It depends upon the points you have earned in the last few weeks in that category,how much answers you have answered in that category and how many best answer you have got in that category.You need 12 % best answers to get a TC badge.

    You cannot be Top contributor in Jokes and Riddles and Polls and Surveys category.Rumour is that giving around 40-50 answers in a week in a category and getting 15-20 best answers will make you top contributor in two-three weeks.

    You can get TC badge in upto 3 categories.

    Some tips for becoming top contributor are as follows:

    1-Browse through categories and choose up to three that you believe you know a lot in or could be helpful in.

    2- Begin answering in categories. Give honest, well researched, and well thought out answers.

    3- Stick to the categories you have chosen.

    4- Once you earn the badge, you must remain active in those categories, or the badge will be taken away from you.

    5-Be aware of clones (people who copy your account) and trolls.

    6-Just remember that in order to become a Top Contributor:

    - You need to earn 200 points or more a week.

    - Get 20 best answers or more in a week.

    - Get 10%-14% best answer.

    It usually takes 2-3 weeks to get the top contributor badge

    If a question you answered in comes to a vote, vote for yourself unless there's a better answer.

    Add many contacts. The more contacts you add, the better chance you have of being well known in a category.

    You can get a Top Contributor badge in up to three sections.

    If you have a question, search for it in the Yahoo! Answers search bar and in Yahoo's search engine before asking a question. If you can't find it, then ask the question in the appropriate section.

    Make sure to answer as best as you can; askers and voters judge by quality, not quantity.


    Do not cheat! You could get your account deleted.Don't create multiple accounts and try to get a TC,if yahoo catches you,you can get your account suspended.

    Follow the community guidelines or you could lose points or get your account terminated.

    Do not ask many questions. Each question costs 5 points.

    Be aware of trolls. Trolls may post random answers.

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    To be a T/C Answer in the categories you know the most about and get best answers.

    Each user can be a top contributor in up to three categories.

    The more you answer and get chosen as best answer, the better chance there is that you will get a T/C badge.

    The T/C badge is awarded on the number of questions answered and best answers received by the user in a 3 week time frame, in a particular category.

    It is dynamic so you earn it or lose it depending on your recent participation in a certain section.

    There are no top contributors in polls and surveys or jokes and riddles.

    T/C badges show up on your profile on monday's.

    *********It is rumored, no one actually knows exactly, that you need at least 10 percent best answers in your chosen category / 200 or more total points per week /30-50 answers per week in a single category to get a T/C badge but the actual percentage and the number of answers is Yahoo's secret.

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    You need to answer a lot and get a lot of best answers in a category to get Top Contributor.

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    By being a **** it seems

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