The relationship between pressure and volume?

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pressure and volume have an inverse realtion
as you decrease the volume, the pressure will increase.. and with the increase in volume pressure will decrease.
for more, search out Boyle's Law at Google and Wikipedia
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  • ? answered 3 years ago
    From the ideal gas equation:


    keeping the moles(n), R is 8.31 and is constant and keeping the temperature(T) constant we get PV=constant. therefore, P and V has inverse relationship. P is inversely proportional to V.
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  • youliya answered 3 years ago
    Boyle studied the relationship between the pressure p and the volume V of a confined gas held at a constant temperature. Boyle observed that the product of the pressure and volume are observed to be nearly constant. The product of pressure and volume is exactly a constant for an ideal gas.

    p * V = constant
    Boyle's law explains an inverse relationship between the volume and pressure of a gas. For example, if the volume of a gas doubled, the pressure it exerted ...
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  • Ellis Dee answered 3 years ago
    I give her more pressure when she asks and therefor her volume goes up. (shes a screamer)


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