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how do i edit a page on wikipedia without it gettin removed?

theres this thing i do at my high school called break it down its a stupid little dance tht i do but everyone in the high school knows it i be walkin down the hall and they be like break it down! and i do it so im on my high schools wiki page and my friend is tryin to post "tht skinny white boy who breaks it down goes here!" and wiki removes it wen we refresh the page i know its a little unprofessional but its a fact! so how do we get it to stay there

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    You be gettin it to stay there by be postin a video of you breakin it down, Conor. After the video, you then be gettin your friend to post what he wants because he be referencin the video which is a source. I suggest you be addin a bit of spice to the proceedins by indulgin in a bit of jugglin or be doin a few card tricks too. Good luck, and be be ready for the fame, bro. Be Bangin!

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    You have to carefully select a Wikipedia admin and then kiss up to him with all your might. But that's probably beneath your dignity, in which case I would suggest you stop worrying about Wikipedia and concentrate on more important things, like passing all your classes so you don't get stuck in high school for the rest of your life.

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    You don't.

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