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Grave Markers for MIA?

I have a relative who went MIA in WWII (pilot shot down over the pacific). We were wondering what rules, regulations or laws there might be concerning whether we could add his name to our family plot. He is the only remaining sibling not listed in that plot.

Citation would be appreciated but not required for a best answer.

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    It is doubtful that your relative is still being carried as MIA. MIA, presumed dead is more likely. Did anyone ever ask the DoD for a death certificate? Did someone receive death benefits/life insurance payments?

    Notwithstanding any of that, as another poster pointed out, you can do what you like with the family plot. A simple memorial stone would be a lovely gesture.

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    Dude - it's your family plot. You can do whatever you want in/with your family plot.

    If you wanted to put Godzilla's name down, you could do so.

    The only rules I can think of, is if your family has some sort of burial plot covenant / agreement about things - like my family does.

    As far as your MIA relative, the reality is that he was KIA, but as no remains were recovered or eyewitness accounts could confirm death, then the War or Navy Department rated him as MIA.

    You can include him as you like - I think it is a great idea! Put a marker in the plot with something like:

    "John Q. Doe, 2LT, US Army Air Force, MIA - 3 Jan 43, Western Pacific"

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