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How to help neck pain and headache from work?

At my work, I'm looking down (to clean things) pretty much all 8 hours, and it's now causing some pretty bad pains in my neck. It's also brought up a headache which I've had for almost a week now.

I've had my boyfriend massage the top of my neck where it hurts the most, but it hardly makes a difference. I take Ibuprofen and other pain relievers, but that hasn't helped any. My pillows are the kind that sink right through when you lay on them, so I bought a firm pillow, which made my neck feel worse. Any ideas? :(

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    Work related neck pain can be the worst. It affects you everyday,and sometimes there is little that you can do to change- You have to keep working, so it can be a pain in the neck !

    The pillow that you have switched to: a firm pillow, may not be right for you. For **most** people, a pillow that is too firm does not work. Simply, it is too uncomfortable. There is little give to the pillow, and you won't be able to get into a position that allows for soundful deep sleep. So a firm pillow is not the way to go. I would still recommend some type of an orthopedic pillow such as the arc4life linear gravity pillow. This pillow has two neck rolls, that allow your neck to be in the right position for sleeping (one softer idea, one firmer side). The composition is fiber fill, and the pillow is not overly dense. There is "give" to the pillow. Also you can sleep on your side and on your back. This will not only help your neck pain, but also your headaches.

    Also, when you get home, use a heat pad on your neck and upper back for 10-15 minutes. Do gentle neck stretches as well.

    hope this helps.

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    You could want extra PT. I had again issues and had Pt however then I later had what ou defined. I could get a spasm up my again, then journey to the neck, then I could get a migrane. Besides my again physical activities they gave me a few to strenthen my neck too. It is helping. For awhile I had used a TENS computer. It simply despatched little currents in my neck. It was once like a therapeutic massage. It is helping different materials of the frame too. It wasnt steeply-priced and my coverage included it and handiest fee me $17 after coverage. I believe they run round $a hundred and fifty. Sometimes while I get all out of wack once more. I use flexerill(muscle relaxer). however no longer very regularly.

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