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Will yoga help me lose weight and tone up?

I've been trying to loose weight, and tone up a little bit. I want to know how successful yoga is when trying to do so. I weigh about 175, and I want to weigh about 140-130. With the right dieting is it possible to do so if I do yoga every day for about an hour? I also want to be down to 150-140 by August. Possible? Maybe not lose that much weight, but I'm about a size 8 in jeans, I want to be a size 4. Is that possible do you think?

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    Yoga can be intense, but usually isn't a hard core sweaty workout, so you're not burning massive calories in general with yoga. You are building strength and focus, learning how to regulate your breathing, building tone and flexibility, and getting your heart rate up. It's a really good supplemental exercise to cardio workouts, and it's a great starting point for those not use to any exercise so you don't jump into running or biking or cardio and end up pulling a muscle or getting discouraged because your lungs feel like they are imploding.

    And yes, any exercise will burn calories, so take in few enough calories and yoga for an hour a day will result in weight loss. It's just a matter of finding out how many calories you take in versus how many you are burning. If nothing else, yoga will make you feel way better, so you're actually in the mood to do a little more heavy exercise. Even with intense sessions, I usually leave yoga with more energy than what I came with.

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    Yoga is definitely a good workout. Just remember to be patient with your weight. And I don't think you'll be a size 4 at the weight of 130/140. Because what I know is, I weight 130/135 and I can be a size seven or nine. But then again, my hips are big. So, I'm not sure. But if you wanna be a size 4, go for it.

    Make little goals every week. And don't get upset if you haven't lost any weight or if you gained weight during the process if losing weight. It happens to everyone. But, best if luck to you!

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    It's definatley possible!

    If you want to lose weight I suggest Hot Yoga.

    This is a type of yoga that you do in a class in a burning hot room.

    When you sweat you lose fat.

    So the sweat + the intensive yoga will really help you lose quickly!

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    You still have to do a cardio type excercise. Yoga will help but run, swim, bike, or whatever else on top of yoga. It is good for you though, I would say it aids more than just acts as weight loss.

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    To know how much calories you have to eat just add zero to your weight

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    decaf coffee is a superb lower calorie water

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    ingest 3 cups of green tea herb in one day experts state it could improve power expenses

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    get a meal routine and stick to it

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