Islamic Banking question.?

1) If the producer expected the price of commodity will rise. what would he do?

a. Corruption

b. Monopoly

c. Hoarding

d. Riba

2)Which of the following is a mechanism of exchange

a. Al-Bay

b. Al-Buruj

c. Al-Waqf

d. Al-Fai

3) Defence, law and order are functions of the statethat are assigned by which party?

a. The people through Shura

b. Syariah

c. Ijtihad Ulama

d. Parliement

4) Which one is an example of direct Islamic financial market?

a. Islamic Capital Market

b. Islamic Bank

c. Takaful

d. Islamic Mutual Fund

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    islamic banking answer: refer this question to a islamic website!

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